Trick to stick to a resolution

Whose fault is it when you don’t stick to a new resolution you made?

When’s the last time you made a promise to yourself to lose weight or stop going to bed after midnight, only to make it again the next day. And the next?

More discipline! Screams your brain. More commitment!

But what if that’s not what it is?

What if it’s some new relationships you need? Having daily contact with others on a similar path, who will not pull you back to the old habit(s) you are trying to change?

Here’s how we’re getting people to stick to the real food eating plan that makes the ER Fat Burn program work for folks in it: they’re all connected with each other in an online forum. It’s private, just for members of the group. No one has any agenda other than to start a new way of eating. Everyone committed for 5 weeks.

Each day the ER Fat Burn board is peppered with questions, answers, recipes, tips, problems, successes small and big. Each person is committed to moving away from industrial food and towards real food. Huddling together like this during the initial stages keeps everyone connected, hopeful and doing the things.

And everyone sticks. Folks makes surprising changes in weight and appearance. Myriad pesky ailments are suddenly just history.

Sound weight loss and eating principles are cool, yes. But they’re not enough. If people don’t stick, they “don’t work” do they? Isn’t that what we say when that happens?

Trick to stick: Get connected with others on the same path. One great way I’ve found is an online forum. Best – they’re free.

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Kim Klaver

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  • Kim,

    You make a great point. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong team behind you in business. When tough times come, a good support system makes the difference.

    And then there’s the old adage that your income will be roughly the average of your five closest friends.

    Steve DeVane

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