What your NM company wants is not what you should do…

Your network marketing company wants, rightly, that you to promote it, its products, business and culture.

You however, if you want to do that well, must first develop certain parts of YOU. Why?

Because to do well in your business you must draw people to YOU. So that you and your organization of customers and partners can make a dent in that company’s business. That’s how you get on stage…

Holding up an image of your company product or banner is not enough.  That’s what everyone else does…And most ‘everyone else’ earns little or nothing.

Here’s a way to develop ONE part of yourself so others WANT to work with YOU – versus one of the other 200,000 partners or reps in your company…

How else you CAN make a dent in your company’s business?

Instead of leading with your company name or product images the way every body else does, try this:

1) “How I got my first partner, finally, when I was sleeping! Want to hear?”

2) “How a noob to network marketing – me – got to the top spot in my first ten months – with no previous network marketing experience! Here’s what I did…”

3) “How I finally got up the nerve to ask the most important person in my family to check out my business…and what happened next…”

Note: These are all about YOU and something YOU did that makes YOU very interesting to a new person checking out a network marketing opportunity.

Because. It’s. Clear. YOU. Can. Help. Someone. Else.

Holding up your company sign does not give that impression to someone else.

See what I mean?

To help your company grow, you need to develop certain parts of YOU first, and lead with some of THAT when you’re marketing. See if you’d be drawn to the quotes above. If yes, we’re on the same page here.

Make sense?

PS I have a program to help you become THE ONE they want to buy from – the one they want to sign up with…the one whose parties and events they want to go to…

Want to learn how to do that?

If so, check out Authority Marketer here...I created it do help you DO that.  It’s what I do.

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