What’s a paid opinion worth?

A short series for network marketers and affiliate marketers on how to stay within the spirit of the new FTC regs. See here and here.

OK. Now we have to tell we are getting paid when we say nice things about a product or program.

This is tricky because we all know paid opinions are suspect. They’re just not worth as much as a naked, authentic recommendation from someone who’s an expert on the thing they’re recommending.

How can you have authority even though your opinion is paid for? Consider –

Story. Lulu calls an old friend to have lunch and ‘catch up’. Lulu looks slinky after all these years, and she raves to her friend about her weight loss product. At the end of the lunch, the friend asks Lulu where to get it. Lulu blushes a little and admits she sells it.

Oh. So that’s what all the gushing was about. And the lunch, too.

Have you experienced those lunches? Did you too, feel manipulated? And that “she didn’t really want to see me for me, she just wanted to sell me,” etc. Yikes.

Here’s a way to avoid this outcome (AND be in compliance with the new FTC regs):

Tell UP FRONT that you are selling it. And do it in a way that sets you up as an authority from the start. This free download shows you how to do it. (It’s been downloaded over 20,000 times.) No charge and no sign up. Just download it and print it out.

Commercial. If you love this idea, and want more information on how, during conversations, emails and blogs, you can tell up front you’re being paid, and establish yourself as an authority, check out the Orange book here. I wrote it after teaching classes on that very topic, twice a week for 4 years, to networkers from nearly 100 companies.

The FTC does not require this, but I will tell you anyway. I created that Orange book because I love showing peeps how to talk up their products in engaging ways and still tell up front they’re selling it. Online or off.

If you buy it, I will get the money. Yes you heard that right. I WILL get the money. I can use it, too. The Orange book is on the middle (top) of the page (If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?)

Next: How one gent tells up front he’s an affiliate for a copy-writing program he’s promoting.

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,
    The orange book is the greatest book ever written on how to talk to a customer and not be afraid of tell them about what you do. You can be excited and get paid for it and the book teaches you how. Just be honest. Most networking programs stretch the truth about products and making money. Now, I am a affiliate marketer because there is no recession on the world wide web. This 14 year veteran of network marketing has learned a new trick and I learned it here.

  • Isn't this the crux of why so many people see MLM as a scam to begin with? OK now there is a law, but prior, the second someone realizes you're a rep, the credibility of your testimony vanishes anyway…(as the Lulu story illustrates:)

    Kim you're readers are the lucky ones. They're way ahead of the pack in dealing with this significant change in how they can legally build a network marketing business.


    My ad: Good at one-liners? Here's a better way to advertise your MLM business(CHEAP, too).

  • I receive emails every day requesting an interview for their product or asking me to write a product review on my blog.

    They offer to send me free stuff, such as nutritional products and other health related materials.

    I send them a short, nice reply and decline.


    Eat Well. Live Well.

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