When is it a miracle?

“Miracles happen every day, and in medicine we like to attribute them to what we do or what others do around us. A lot of medicine is outside our control. We are wise to acknowledge miracles.” See here.

Not any different in our industry. Might the big earners (more than $20,000/mo on a regular basis) also be the beneficiaries of a miracle or two? Yes, they work hard. But so do others.

Miracle: something we cannot really explain or replicate with what we know. Rarely happens, despite what appear to be very similar actions on the part of the people involved.

How else does one explain similar work ethics leading to such extreme income results for such a tiny handful of folks – in any sales industry? (Only talking about peeps who work 50 hours + per week in their business, who live it, sleep it, it’s just never out of their minds, e.g. Frank Kern, Chuck Michel, etc.)

Is it wise to acknowledge a miracle might be at work to create those rare, extreme incomes in MLM and Internet marketing? (Or any other field.)

Of course that wouldn’t sell as well, would it?

PS. Yes, $2-3k/mo also requires mucho effort, and over several years at that, just like learning a job takes that long. For the same income.

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Kim Klaver


  • Dear Kim,

    I definitely believe in miracles. However, I do not believe it is a miracle just because a person consistently make $20K or more per month in Network Marketing. The miracle was at their conception that brought forth an individual with drive, determination, and the will to succeed. Success in network marketing comes about by consistently doing the right things and getting better as one moves forward over a period of time. People can put forth a lot of effort and expend large amounts of time doing the wrong thing sporadically and not see the results they seek. If a daily journal of activities were to be kept for all participants, the reason some excell when others do not would be plainly visible. It is not magic or miracles.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • Kim,
    You ask: "How else does one explain similar work ethics leading to such extreme income results for such a tiny handful of folks – in any sales industry?"

    Are you fishing? (-;

    As you certainly know, good work ethics, alone, will not result in MLM success. The hard work has to be the right kind of effort, usually learned through MLM training from "angels" like you who teach network marketers how to focus and structure their energy and hard work in order to succeed.

    (For anyone reading this who might think that Kim put me up to this, Kim does not know me. I just think she has published great training materials, and you should all know that!)

  • Yeah, I'm not buying it.

    Two athletes can work 50+ hours/week to reach the NBA and when one makes it — and the other doesn't, are you suggesting that the "rare feat" of making it to the highest level is a miracle?

    Why can't we just agree that some people are better at playing basketball than others? Isn't it the same with anything in life, including network marketing?

    And frankly, if someone is moderately good at network marketing, you can make a ton of money right away and continue to duplicate it over & over.

    Making money in network marketing follows 1 of 2 paths: 1) fast & easy or 2) slow & hard. I prefer fast and easy. And in order to do that, direct sales in big ticket items where the wholesale commission is sent directly to you is the way to go.

    I do understand your premise however. And my answer to that is that the traditional business model of MLM is terrible. The solution is to align yourself with the "big ticket price point" where the commission is paid directly to you. That way, when you only make a few sales per month, you're still pulling in several thousands of dollars.

    With several thousands of dollars in direct commissions paid to you for each sale, absolutely anyone can earn the $2K – $3K income you cite above…right out of the gate.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ms Stud:
    Every leader who makes $20,000 or more a month in NM have worked long hours for at least 2 years after failing with another NM company.
    They have also learned the skills:
    1)How to talk to people
    2)How to present
    3)How to advertise
    4)Culture building
    5)How to duplicate
    Hard work is already expected.
    Those skills are not taught by most leaders is like an engineer that can built a bridge but doesn't know how to teach others how to do it.

  • Kim,

    Are you going top send Jason a bill for advertising on your blog.

    I would.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

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