Who Else Fudges Their Numbers?

It won’t be news to most of you that public companies tweak, adjust, or sometimes just fudge the numbers each quarter “to meet investor expectations.” (PDF here in case.) Why?

To 1) avoid a stock sell-off, which would depress the stock price and obviously the value of the management’s holdings, or 2) trigger a buying rally, which would drive up the value of the shares.

This seems like bad behavior, but it’s unavoidable given the incentive.

Money – as a primary motivation – seems to undo us all at some point. Why do we hype or exaggerate how easy the business is? So they will buy. And we get money.

Why might we overstate a product’s effects? To make a sale. And we earn money.

All of the exaggerations in business, from little to big are all made for one reason: the money that might come our way if they buy our story.

Yes, people need to make a living doing something. But perhaps we can reorder the incentives.

What if we do and say stuff first because it’s meaningful to us AND others, or because it fulfills us and makes us genuinely happy, and because it’s an extension of ourselves?

Wouldn’t the money then follow because people like us would follow us and want to be around us?

Am I being too idealistic?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim:

    I love where you're coming from on this. After all, WE are the product people are buying when they get started with us. I firmly believe the products are secondary.

    You can't fake real enthusiasm for what you are doing. It's attractive to people and they are more likely to want to do business with you. So, yes, do what gets you excited which will attract others which will result in a bigger bank account.


  • No Kim, I don't think you are being to idealistic.

    I have long said "find your passion and then find a way to make money with it."

    If you are having fun it shows to other people and they'll join you because they want to have fun too.

    The money follows.

  • Hi Kim,

    I think you are being a bit too idealistic here.

    Living costs have to be paid when due with real hard cash. Else you'll be sitting dirty in a dark, cold, foreclosed house and hungry.

    No one can accurately predict the rate of growth in a new business venture. If additional streams of cash are present, then the financial urgencies can be lifted and folks can use attraction marketing and permission selling techniques in a laid back fashion.

    I am one who attempted to turn a passion into a full time income and eventually had to turn to other income sources. I still have the passion, but don't monetize it any longer.

    Kim, you ask, "Wouldn't the money then follow because people like us would follow us and want to be around us?"

    The only way I have seen for this to happen quickly enough for a business person to stay afloat financially is through effective Internet marketing. You like Apple products. Until the recent successes with the Ipod, Iphone, etc. Apple was fading. Even now as good as their computers are, they command a small portion of the market.

    Know one likes to think of their Network Marketing business as a part time venture, but for many I believe it has to prove itself to be a viable secondary income before it can be a primary one.

    Look at the Olympic athletes. Many have to pursue their passions along side some kind of predictable income stream on their road to gold.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • Kim,

    Maybe a bit idealistic. The problem I see most is that people
    think the Internet is magical.

    They think if they just find the right button, and press it
    in just the right way, that's all it takes to make money online.

    You absolutely need a system. And one that gets you
    started on the cheap, but that offers VALUE to those
    you share it with.

    My best advice is this:

    Never lead with your MLM thing. Set up a marketing system
    that offers value to anyone looking to make money online.
    In exchange for their name and email address, of course.

    This builds you a list of people who want to make money
    online. Once they are on your list, you can offer your
    MLM thing as an aside, "Oh by the way,….(follow Kim's advice for this bit!)

    If you add in an information product on the front end for
    $5 or so, packed with information on how to market
    effectively online, you will become that attraction magnet
    we all hope to be:-)

    P.S. If you don't know how to do the above,
    click here now to see how it's done:-)

  • I read about an interesting study recently, where people underwent an MRI while they were talking and being asked to perform certain tasks. As soon as a monetary incentive was offered, a different area lit up in their brain. Researchers concluded that once the pleasure center was involved (triggered by a monetary incentive), a person could no longer operate from their altruistic center. In other words, both parts of the brain could not be active at the same time. The most surprising bit of information that was revealed from this study was that the offer of money did NOT increase performance. It in fact lowered the results.

    So… do what you love, and love what you do, and the money will follow!

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