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Why Would They Choose You?

Learn How to Generate Demands

HARD question…

“Why would anybody choose to buy from YOU (or sign up with you) versus someone else?”
(Rich Shefren to a high-end group of entrepreneurs.)

Many there didn’t have an answer to that.

I know some of YOU think you don’t have an answer to that, either.

“Why would anyone buy from ME?” you might wonder. (Other than your loving supportive auntie)

But I can promise you that there is a way: learn to generate NOT leads, but learn to generate DEMAND. For YOU and your edge.
Pretty radical stuff, I know.

But if you’re stuck at some level, or some of your group is stuck at some level, and your own rank and income are in jeopardy, you might want to consider learning to generate demand. Yup. =)

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