Winner of the “missing phrase” contest

First, THANK YOU ALL for your warm and good participation!!!!

Second, there was some unintended confusion about the whereabouts of the
missing phrase.  Some readers thought it was something OUTSIDE of the “marketing guru sentence”
I had posted, but the phrase I was referring to, that MLMers never hear, was inside that sentence.

Here’s the marketing guru sentence again:

“We’ll help you take your prospect – that person interested in
your niche or market – on a journey. A journey from being your
prospect to becoming your customer.”

This sentence is what each of these multi-million dollar marketing earners tell THEIR
students (of whom I am one).

There’s a key phrase in it that network marketers never hear.  And not hearing it, or not ever
learning it during their network marketing careers, is what makes so many people cry when they
think of their mlm experience.

The phrase MLMers don’t hear:  “that person interested
in your niche or market”.

It’s a journey, as many of you pointed out, yes.  And many of us expect other people to say
yes right away. So yes, patience must be learned.

But.  The journey is made exponentially longer and more painful when you don’t know the way.
And if your guides tell you every path is the same, and they’re really not the same, you’ll be going
around in circles.

Let me show you. Say you market high end skin care.  A jar of Ponds is $6.  Your cool organic
European blend is $42.  So, your high-end skin care is a product for a niche market: people who
value their skin so much and believe in alternatives to Ponds so much that they will pay 7 times more

So if you were to take a guru training course, they’d first make you define your niche. After you
did that successfully, here’s what you’d hear:

“We’ll help you take your prospect – that person interested in
your high-end European skin care line
– on a journey. A journey
from being your prospect to becoming your customer.”

Now you know your goal:  Find the people who already use and spend money on
high-end skin care lines. Or who want to move up from their cheap chemical creams.
Suddenly you’re all about finding THOSE people.  And take THEM on that journey.
That’s niche marketing.  Identifying the niche and marketing to folks in it.

That puts an immediate end to hitting up the neighbors who prefer their $6 Ponds and
will tell you yours “is too expensive.”  Because, given their values and priorities, your product
IS too expensive.  Just like organic spinach at the Farmer’s market is “too expensive” for
some, and not for others.  We are all people with different tastes and spending habits,
and we belong to different “markets” or niches.  Something for everyone, but something different.

Re your own contacts, if they’re not those folks, you can tell them what you’re doing,

“I market a product for someone who…, like me. Do you know anyone who might
like to know about a product like that?”

That’s orange book 101.  (“If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?” (see here.)

Since there were so many good responses, I chose THREE WINNERS. (See their responses here, in Comments.)

Sandi Caughron
Gordon B

What they won:  They can choose either of two programs that teach in depth this kind of marketing:
1) the Helper-Healer Marketer program described here.  OR a pass to the upcoming “How To
Get Authority in One Week” program, which I’m finishing now, based on the results of the
survey and results I described here.

I’m always happy when folks respond, so for everyone who responded to the missing phrase
contest before this post you’re now reading, you can get a pass to either program at a
special discount of 35%. Email me here and I’ll give you the code to use.  It will be good for 72 hours.

Email me here.  Put in subject: “Discount please”  In the email, tell me which program you’d
like the discount pass for: Helper-Healer Marketer (described here) or the Authority program.
I don’t know the price of the Authority program yet, but you’ll get 35% off whatever the price is.

PS. This way of marketing also requires no therapy.  🙂

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  • Congratulations, Sandi, Nahum and Gordon! I read your answers. Awesome. You deserved to win.
    Kim, great that there is a discount for two programs for the rest of us! I’m looking forward to the Authority program.


    • Giver’s Gain. The info you give away are seeds of knowledge, sown into people so they can become successful and turn our country around! Let’s face it – whatever we market, we are in the PEOPLE BUSINESS.

  • Good morning Kim!

    I was SO excited to wake up this morning, check my email, and find out that I was one of your contest winners!!! Yea! I have learned so much from you and look forward to learning even more now.

    I choose the ‘Helper-Healer Marketer’ program – it fits me to a ‘T’. The ONLY reason I became involved with my company was because I saw dramatic results with my own health and immediately thought, “I could help so many people.” I felt a moral obligation to do so and didn’t even think about the money.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for opening my mind and helping me overcome ‘corporate brainwashing’ on how to market my product! I will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of my prize!

    All my best,

    Sandi Caughron

  • Hi Kim, so glad to have the opportunity to go through your helper healer program. It’s the best thing I’ve ever come across!! Keep up the good work and many thanks again.

  • Hi Kim, and Thank you very much.
    It was wonderful to receive the great news.
    I choose “How To Get Authority in One Week” program.

    I was almost ready to quit from the industry when I have stumbled upon the orange book. Till then I was doing what I have been told by my upline and couldn’t stand it any more (pitching to everyone about the business opportunity). I felt it is wrong but i kept doing it because I was told that this is the ‘SYSTEM’, and anything else is not duplicatable. Then I have found your orange book that gave me some new tools to do the business the way I like to and strenghten my belief that there is a better way.

    I agree with every word that Paul Eiler wrote in his comment. You do give great value in your blog. And were it not for those posts and the orange book I probably have already quit the industry.
    Thanks a lot.

    Waiting impatiently to the new Authority program.

  • Thanks! Kim, for the Discount.
    Congratulations! Sandy, Nahum, Gordon. Winners and teachers!
    Thanks, Carolyn

  • Congrats to Sandy, Nahum and Gordon! Congrats to everyone else for their discounted prize! We are all winners.

    Thank you, Ms. Kim for my discount!

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