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Contest question results:
60% YES, Mother Teresa could be a very successful network marketer.

40% NO, MT could not become a very successful network marketer.

It was VERY cool to see the many strong responses and positions people had. See all responses so far here. Click on the turquoise “Show Replies” in the lower right hand corner. 10 responses display at a time.

There are two groups of winners.

Group One: Everyone who responded to the survey gets a Winner Coupon that offers a ‘Mother Teresa discount’ on the new marketing program. The coupon must be redeemed within 72 hours or else it expires. If you entered this contest and gave your answer and stated your why in the survey or in comments before Sunday night, March 6, email me here and I’ll send you the discount code.

Put in subject: Mother Teresa discount code. In the email, put your name and company please, and confirm you entered this contest. We’ll send you the discount coupon pronto.

Group Two: I picked two winners. Most folks did NOT include a name on their survey responses, so I’m posting the two winners’ responses, and if the authors will comment below with their email address and name, I’ll get you a pass to the new class…Release date is March 11.

Winner #1 (short):

“No. She’s wouldn’t groove on the typical trappings of success. But she would feel great success in helping others to have a better life.”

Winner #2 (long hehe):

“Yes-Yes-Yes Mother Theresa (MT) would build an empire business with a velvet fist. Most importantly, her goal for MLM would be way bigger than money. You could count on no hype pitches from MT. Without a doubt, her production would seem exceedingly “wilted” compared the go get em types of MLM. But, that would be her appeal…wouldn’t it?

“Even though she’d wear where that little blue outfit and even possibly pass off a communion opportunity at an “in-home”, only the fool would underestimate her soft market advance. This little dynamo hits broad-sided with a feather. And…you can bet that MT would softly appeal to the loser types sitting at home with the kids. You wanna know why? She gets and appreciates their strength and knows what they’re really thinking. You know, the women who are holding their husbands and families together with their wisdom. Yep, the ones who cherish value and integrity over everything else. Yes, the ones who are repelled by Big Marketing MLM drivers.

“These ‘loser-types’ think differently and MT just loves that. MT’s product, whatever it may be, would extend from her personality and not from her wallet’s longing. That little woman would silence a room with respect. MT wouldn’t bore anyone with a bunch of crappy science mumbo jumbo. Nope…not her style. Don’t think all the people would fall for her shtick? Think again; because her marketing skills are a total upside down from the supposed BIG people in MLM. It would be “The Experience” and “The Wow” of her meeting that would have people clammering to buy her “whatever”.

“And, you know why her product would WOW the socks off everyone? Because, she would infuse the whole experience with fun and celebration. She skillfully knows that the boring losers love fun, and that’s who’d she be inviting. And, MT knows that if you add a little carnival collaboration to the recipe…well…the final game concludes with “Can I get what she’s having?”

“I would love to be a part of MT’s MLM downline. I could really sink my teeth into becoming wealthy as I learn from her. Trump is such a bore. I’ll take MT as my money mentor any day!! I can only imagine what she could teach her disciples at her Master Mind (MM) sessions. I’m sure Trump would be spouting Wharton MBA wisdom to the ranks with a big stick and a loud voice. MT, on the other hand, would hold her MM classes in an outdoor setting, after singing a hymn, or two. No doubt, she’d have everyone hold hands and tutor them to what really makes people tick. She’d get to the meat and potatoes of “heart vs. mind” marketing psychology. One more time…”Can I get what she’s having?”

OK you two, comment at the bottom and identify yourself. Put your name, email and company please.

What the winners won: A new game plan to help the helper-healer marketer get more business. Includes

  • an exclusive membership in the only social network I know of for helper-healer marketers,
  • four live 90 minute mastermind calls with members, Vic Link and me, to transform your in-home planned event and
  • your own Wow Planner for your event, you know, like a wedding planner.
  • An 8-module series of entertaining, fast moving videos, audios and PDFs. Based on the live program.

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