Winner of the "Warning: Do not attempt another diet until…" contest

First of all, thank you VERY much for your thoughtful responses. No question the two promos captured the attention of different folks.

Here are the three winners of the 5-week $197 Multi Media Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula – which begins this week…All of them commented to the post:

“Warning…Do not attempt another diet until you read…”

Rita Goad
Valeri B

To pick up your win, do this:

1. Email me HERE and accept by Monday 6PM PT 9PM EST.
PUT SUBJECT: I won Fat Burn Contest!

2. In the email, agree to DO the program, participate with the group, and report your results. (There are no weight loss products to buy once you’re in.)

That’s it.

BONUS: For everyone who responded, who’s curious about this weird new program, I offer you this:

A $50 discount on the Multi Media version of the Fat Burn Program. It’s a 5-week online program paced to fit into busy lives. If you want a special discount link, email me HERE pronto and I will give you a special link which knocks off $50.

The program opens to the public January 21, NOON PT 3PM EST. The live program starts January 31. Everyone has the week before to get situated and do a few preliminary things online.

The Multi Media version is $197. You, because you gave a thoughtful reply here, will have a special link that saves you $50. So you pay $147.

Thanks for participating. In the next day or two, I will give you the TRUE-FALSE survey results and the controversial diet findings that are driving the old guard crazy. And causing the new folks to drop pounds they never thought they would.

P.S. Re question 9 (on the jaw drop survey here): Do you really think it takes a balanced diet to lose weight? Hehehe.

P.S. A 3 minute vid here of a diabetic grad. Sign up there if you want that secret info.

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