Women: Stay in your comfort zone

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If you’re sick of being told to “get out of your comfort zone!” Well, what if you don’t have to? The most sophisticated marketers, especially the evolved men, are with you. Stay right in your comfort zone, ladies…just get better at what you do there.

From Women: Stay in your comfort zone:

“Men tend to strut their stuff, women don’t, says Marti Barletta in Marketing to Women. Today’s consumers are tired of hearing that every product is the greatest in the history of the world. Phrases like “scientific breakthrough” don’t get sales anymore. Advising today’s marketers, Levine, et al, ask: “the inflated, self-important jargon you sling around…what’s that got to do with us?” More ‘Women: Stay in your comfort zone’ here. (Download – no charge)

What do you say, ladies? Read the other surprise in that section (tip #12) and let us hear your thoughts.

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Kim Klaver


  • The one and only time I was told to “step out of my comfort zone” was at a personal growth event. It was an exercise we were to do to overcome our fears.

    This exercise involved arrows, the tips were placed on the soft spot of the throat, the assistant would hold the arrow firm and you would walk into the arrow with some force to cause the arrow to break.

    My personal feelings are, if someone wants to do something like that to overcome their fears – fine it’s their body, energy field and choice.

    However, I will never knowingly take a pointy object and directly point it at such a “sacred” spot of my body. Hey, that’s my throat chakra and energy field, I respect it and want to maintain it as well as I can.

    The instructor absolutely refused to accept that I wouldn’t participate and attempted to make me feel less of a person – which I didn’t, I stood firm in what I honor and believe. He continued to push me saying no one else shares my value. I became quite angry. I became angry because my choice was not respected or valued.

    I snapped at him, “don’t you dare try to make me feel like a weak or lesser person because I will not participate in your disgraceful act towards a very sacred part of the human body!” and walked out of the building.

    As I sat outdoors, I saw plenty of people leave upset and angry. Some had performed the exercise obviously against their better instincts. Many tossed their broken arrows onto the sidewalk and went to their cars with red throats, while others left trembling perhaps scared for life. This workshop had 1,000+ attendee’s.

    Later that evening one of the women instructors confronted me about not participating, how I needed to learn how to step out of my comfort zone. I leaned over and whispered into her ear, “that’s the throat chakra I was asked to place and press a pointed object into.” She stepped back and looked at me with eyes bulging and replied, “oh my god you’re right! Say no more I understand completely.”

    As for stepping out of ones comfort zone, I say this…

    If it doesn’t feel right in your heart or gut, don’t participate. It’s more important to honor your values than it is to bend yourself into a pretzel simply to do something someone wants you to do. I don’t believe that trying to make the shoe fit is the way to prosperity and growth.

    While telling some to step out of their comfort zone my turn out to be a positive experience it’s not the right thing to do for 100% of the people 100% of the time.

    Honor “yourself” and your boundaries, go out and make your pot of abundance “your” way.

  • This is really a two-pronged question in my opinion. For some, the comfort zone is so far back and laid-back, that if they stay there, no change will happen in their life and very little will be accomplished. For those people, if they want to change their life in some way, then they need to get out of that comfort zone. If they want things to stay the same, then there is no reason to push yourself.

    On the other hand, the comfort zone for some people is a good place to be. It allows for some change, growth and accomplishment. For these people, making incremental changes to venture out further, can be a good thing.

    I think the key is knowing yourself. If someone from outside, is pushing you to get out of your comfort zone just because they think everyone should act like them, you shouldn’t necessarily respond to that pressure.

    My comfort zone is high accomplishment, but coming from a place of bringing better things into someone’s life, expanding their world, teaching and enlightenment, based on my own experiences. What’s right for me may not be right for them, but I come from holding out the opportunity and allowing them to respond. For me to move out of that comfort zone and begin “pushing” people in the direction I think they should go, would be wrong for me and for them.

    JUDY MARSHALL, Travel Consultant

  • I think a person should do what feels right to them. Most people who step out of their comfort zone because their upline said the “had” to do this or that to be successful eventually quit because they just weren’t comfortable being someone they weren’t.

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