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  • LOL Walter, that was funny… (but true) Time Freedom? I know a lot of people that wouldn’t mind making the same amount of money they are doing now, if they have more free time.

  • I don’t know…I think Walter’s was great!!

    I think people would go for valuable(hands on) training and relationship building if it was made affordable for the new people.

    This is of course because they have the goal of time and financial freedome earned by using the great training they get.

    I hate the rah, rah, party, watch someone walk across the stage and receive a check for work they don’t even understand. I’ve heard people admit, “they didn’t know how they did it because their upline came in and worked it for them”. That was interesting!!


  • Dear Kim,

    I was waiting for this question to be posed. Just this past Sunday I attended a presentation meeting and thought the same thing. The company is so Old School that the chairs have the Scarlet Letter on the backs. Just kidding, but imagine dragging people out to evening meetings to hear an opportunity is this day and time. They are after mob hysteria I suspect.

    Anyway, I am sitting there and taking in the presentation and realizing that the whole thing is framed around the ‘big money’. If the ‘big money’ was removed, then the whole thing would implode.

    What else you ask? Maybe Paris, Madonna, and Britney, eh Walter?

    Mariangie suggested time freedom. Nothing against her suggestion, but to me that is almost as big a lie as the income claims. Most successful people I know in MLM made many sacrifices, including time, to grow their business part time along side a full time career or job. Granted that if it did crest the hill and started to take on its own life, a downline could spin off some residual income and possibly start to pay back some of the time invested. But like you shared Kim, it has to pay better than $50 per month. However, as the upline, you must set the pace or there is no pace. So the ‘walk away residual income’ is also a myth to me.

    I have learned from many that the “be your own boss” or just to hold the remote, are what drives a lot of people to look for their own business.

    I am a business owner and I haven’t worked less than 50 hours per week since I was somebody’s employee. Therefore time freedom would be a closer reality for me with a j.o.b.

    From a product perspective, the only thing I have witnessed to repeatedly draw a crowd was the promise of weight loss. We used to be SRO every night. Therefore, if you could offer some compelling piece of information to the right people, they would come to see and hear.

    We are part of the aging America and I am amused by the numerous solicitations we receive to attend special diner meetings at 2-3 star restaurants to learn if we are handling our retirement nest egg properly. These meetings are popular around town and are by invitation only. They have a limited capacity, but all the chairs are taken. Again Kim, in line with the recent blogs, targeted market people are coming out to learn specific information of interest to them. They do come. Effective marketing, but at a price. Free meal.

    Where is my golden Goose?

    Tom Doiron

  • “What would you give to realize your life’s desires? What would you give to be to say what they are? I have a powerful personal development system with an effective compensation package attached. To learn more, come to a free, no obligation informational meeting at ___”

  • Walter … you ARE great.

    I joined Forever Living Products three years ago. Every Monday night there is an Opportunity Meeting and every Wednesday night there is a Training meeting. FLP has an on-staff nutritionist, pathologist, dermatalogist and aesthetician who speak twice a month.

    At the Opportunity meetings and training meetings there are empty chairs. When the professionals speak, there is standing room only.

    Maybe people REALLY DO care more about the products than the Opportunity, think?

    Now, when I do presentations I do an invitation that says, “Why Supplements … Why FLP” and draw a better crowd than I ever did with the Opportunity meetings. I have a professional speak about the products. If this meeting draws out a person interested in the Opportunity we set up another time to talk about that.

    It’s working for me.


  • I have actually been turned away many times by the “make big money in your spare time” type pitches. And time freedom, well like it has been said, that’s a pipe dream. In fact, if you promise me anything in your pitch, odds are I am not going to attend. Just tell me “Hey, I am having fun with this great product I love! Why don’t you stop in at my next meeting and I’ll tell you why!”

    Oh, and don’t you dare lie to me and say “I’m having a party, why don’t you stop by” then try to pitch me some marketing company, because if I attend a party I am there to unwind and have fun, not talk business. You are trying to sell me your business, so just tell me up front and we’ll all be happier for it. Just knowing you are going to pitch me will not drive me away, but make sure you tell me WHY you want to pitch me, especially if you use and love the product you are selling, like I do.

    And most of all, don’t offer any prizes or give aways – they cheapen the experience. Besides, who do you want at your event – people there just to get something free, or people serious about network marketing? I can tell you that 2 interested people are a lot easier to deal with then 20 freebie searchers.

  • I do much better when I lead with the product. I always mention the business opportunity when I close, but the focus is on product. Most people I know want to experience the product before they’d consider the business anyway.


  • Money is always an attention getter but (and there might be few like me on this one) I find people who lead with their personal story far more interesting.

    I’m a personal growth guy. Over the past 2 years I’ve grown and changed a lot because of the work I’ve into my marketing–I’d be attracted to someone who shares their story and tunes into people.

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