“Wow, I thought things would be different. I thought things would be better by now…”

“Wow, I thought things would be different. I thought things
would be better by now…”

Well, if you have thought that, you’re not alone…But what if I told you there’s ONE thing...just ONE thing that can make a shift so that you realize that this is the greatest time in history…in life…for you to prospect, make more money, and live abundantly?

Especially if you’ve chosen Network Marketing as the way to live the way some others are, in your company?

Sounds too good to be true?

Hehehe.  My name (as some of you know) is Kim Klaver and ever since I learned that ONE THING 27 years ago, I’ve been building network marketing companies from scratch, to the top positions and was regularly in the top ten earners.  (To be exact, six companies over the last 27 years, and an experimental team right now…)

But it didn’t start out like that.

In my first company, 33 of the my first 39 personally sponsored reps dropped out in 90 days or so. I was lost for words. How. Could. They. Drop. OUT?

When they’d ALL agreed we were going to change the world?

First I figured – maybe I’d lost my touch with people…Then I decided, no, that maybe I just got a bad bunch.  As I was pondering this over the next week or two, I got a letter (a real physical one(!) with an invite to a local Harvard grad luncheon where newly accepted Harvard students wanted to meed grads…to get some lay of the land before they headed off to Cambridge…

As I looked at that invitation to lunch, it struck me…

Harvard was VERY selective about who got in…And that’s when I realized it…the ONE BIG THING…AND the mistake I’d been making all this time (you’re probably making it, too)…

I made a’ll know it instantly when you see it.  AND I show you what to do differently, on the spot.

Here it is...

Let me know how it changes your business?  LOVE to hear
from ya!



PPS Do you know about our new Experimental Team?…Only for someone who knows they must get off restaurant and store-bought food…or has done it…

And who has a big interest in the weight loss-cleansing-energy area.

I am personally teaching a private team to build with customers first, using a rep-customer-recruiting “system” we’ve created.

That Auto-Reach-Out system online, has enabled most everyone on the team to sign up long term customers and recruits in their first week. And never talk to them. 

If you are bored, footloose and fancy free, and not involved in such a program…You might be a candidate for my Experimental Team.

Downside: You’d have to join this team I’m teaching
(offers a NWM product line) and stick for 90 days. 

Upside: There is no cost for the customer-recruit getting system for experimental team members
who come in before April 19

Must meet some weird standards. Answer one question here.

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