Yeah, I made $31,787 my third month

New FTC-Safe ad? You decide. FTC rule vid and brief write-up here.

“Yeah, I did make that. And lemme tell you right now: nobody else made jack. You probably won’t either.

“Because I did some cool kick-ass stuff. Stuff people noticed. That’s what ya hafta do.

“The others just make noise. They all say the same lame crap. Nobody knows nothin. Nobody does nothin that’s their own. Buncha parrots. Who cares?

“If anyone that knows their xhit wants to do some original kick-ass stuff, tell em to call me. Otherwise, leave me alone. Vincent 899-888-1111”

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Kim Klaver


  • Gene:

    OK, but consider: The FTC page says:

    An ad that features a consumer and

    "conveys his or her experience
    with a product or service
    as typical when that is not the case will be required
    to clearly disclose the results that consumers can generally expect."

    Would you say Vincent conveyed his experience as typical?


  • Typical would be what the majority of people did or made and the ad says that everyone else "made jack" – so the results were not typical. The person in the ad was the exception, rather than the rule.

  • Hi David:

    Yes, he was the exception and said so right up front. He said no one else made squat.

    So didn't he meet the rules based on what the rules said?

    It's not that a person cannot EVER tell big results – they CAN. But they cannot pretend that those results are typical when we all know they are not.

    So if you make big income, and tell instantly that no one else probably made anything (a fun exaggeration for this e.g.) I think the rules, as stated on the FTC page, allow Vincent's story.

    He is fooling NO ONE. He is not saying it's easy and that anyone can do it, staples of the MLM industry when that is NOT true.


  • That ad definitely passes the test.

    From reading the ad I would think that making big money is possible but normal. I would have to do some major abnormal stuff like he did.

    Now I won't join unless I'm willing to work hard and come up with unique ideas.

    If that ad doesn't pass, we might as well never use any testimonials.

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