"12 Tips to avoid losing friends (and your personal savings)"

Remember that writing contest ChangeThis had last year, and I asked you to read my NM proposal, and vote for it if you loved it?

Well, we got more votes than anyone ever in the ChangeThis competition history. THANKS to you!

And today, the Manifesto you voted for has just been released to the public.

The publisher, ChangeThis, is the renowned business and marketing site that promotes new thinking in business and marketing.

This is the first Manifesto ChangeThis has ever published about Network Marketing/Multi-level Marketing. Here it is. Pass it on. Maybe it will be the first step to repairing the tarnished image of MLM/NM in the mainstream.

“Friends, Lies and Network Marketing”

Or see here

IF YOU WANT TO SPREAD THIS MANIFESTO, PLEASE give everyone the download link:
Your friends can download it and/or send it to others from there.

The publisher tracks the popularity of the Manifestos. We want to be #1 on the Manifesto download list because that is a vote for network marketing.

About the author

Kim Klaver


  • Interesting website, ChangeThis. I think there’s quite a bit of information that can be adapted to MLM/NM to help us do our jobs better.

    I like the 12 Tips PDF a lot, I’ve downloaded and plan to share with others in my organization, good job Kim!

  • Congrats Kim! And thanks SO much for writing this manifesto.

    I just finished sending out the pdf file of this manifesto to my entire downline of distributors. Hopefully it will ‘call out their name’! I would be thrilled if more in my company became ‘new-schoolers’, rather than cling to the old school ways. The time to change is definitely here!


  • Hi Kim,
    Another great resource by you for us.
    It really makes a difference for me personally to have found training like yours, that fits with my personal value system. I feel so much more confident when I use the information that fits for me.

    You are doing a great job in making a change for the industry.


  • Finally a marketing philosophy that women can feel comfortable with. You’ve boiled it down to 12 points that will make good common sense to any woman, whether she’s in network marketing or has been prospected by a network marketer or has never even heard of it.

    I’m sending the link to all my friends so they can download their own copy.

    Thanks for the blessing of a very useful resource!

  • Congratulations, Kim! I’m sending a oopy of your manifesto to everyone in my downline, upline and some friends who are in other network marketing companies.

    BTW, I am attracting so many more new customers since applying what I have learned from your books, CDs and classes. It’s so much easier to talk to people now and to let the wrong ones go without feeling bad about it.

    You’re awesome, Lady!


  • Kim,

    I too sent the link to my email list as well…. so I am sure that will “help the numbers” and help people who need it most (if indeed they read it).


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