2009 Way to Say Goodbye to Money Pressures?

“As long as we can keep decreasing our bills we can keep making less money.”

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“A small sign of the times: USA Today this week ran an article about a Michigan family that, under financial pressure, decided to give up credit cards, satellite television, high-tech toys and restaurant dining, to live on a 40-acre farm and become more self-sufficient. The Wojtowicz family—36-year-old Patrick, his wife Melissa, 37, and their 15-year-old daughter Gabrielle—have become, in the words of reporter Judy Keen, “21st century homesteaders,” raising pigs and chickens, planning a garden and installing a wood furnace.” –Wall St. Journal (PDF in case.)

In a delightful and insightful report on 2009 living by Peggy Noonan, (PDF in case) we see small but growing signs of a changing attitude in some folks…from wanting the boat, the vacation cabin, the extra fine car, the newest video games and consoles, to this realization:

“The more stuff you own the harder you have to work to maintain it.”

Is this the story of the future? More here (PDF in case).

P.S. If this attitude takes hold, what will happen to dear Frank Kern? 🙂

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  • I think if we, in this country, could move away from such massive and constant consumption, it would improve the world. The saying, “Live simply so that others can simply live.” comes to mind. This doesn’t mean that people can’t market things that improve people’s lives, but it may change how some people use their profits. I am inspired by the number of successful people in MLMs who are commited to giving back, to helping others. It’s not all about the material riches at all, as a matter of fact that does not attract me.

  • P.S. If this attitude takes hold, what will happen to Frank Kern? 🙂 Not sure why this would harm him in any way? Maybe I’m just a little slow today, lol!

    I hope this takes hold in the people who are suffering right now and have no idea who FK is. That way they might realize that they spend a ton of money on stuff they do not need. Like take-out “food” and expanded cellphone plans. They can also call their cable company (like we did) and just get the most basic package (saved over $70 on that alone. Another $25 on Internet access and another $25 on VOIP by cutting back to the least exp packages.)

    And I still like Frank Kern…go figure…:)

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  • What a brave family. It isn’t easy to give up everything you have known for a simpler life. I like the idea that what was missing from their life’s was each other. That is such a true sentiment for a lot of us in this day and age. With both parents working (most households) and kids with all the activities, it really is hard for families to connect with each other for quality time.

    Much respect and blessings to the Wojtowicz family and others like them.

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