How to attract more of the 20%-ers.

Why do only 20% (usually way less) of your readers “do anything”? Like buy your stuff, for example? Here’s a follow up to #1 Trick to Building a List of Rabid Buyers.

I’d venture it’s because at any one time only a small minority of us are in a buying mode. You know, where “I’m looking for product or service X, or something that does this and that…”

80% of us are, most of the time, “Just looking, thanks.”

So how do you draw out the 20% buyers? Here’s the first of three tips.

#1 Tip. Advertise on Google. And the more specific your ad text, the better.

When I’m looking to buy something online, I scan both the main page results AND the ads on the top and right side of the Google results pages (or on your blog, etc.). If your website doesn’t rank high enough to appear on the first page or two of Google results, then do PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising with Google. (Or whatever search engine you use yourself to search for stuff). If you do it right, your ad might draw the eye of the engaged buyer.

Trick: Your ad must be specific enough so the seeker finds it. Just the opposite of the tendencies of our seller nature, which says write the ad so “everyone” will see it, click on it and buy it.

Compare these made up online ad headlines for supplements:

  • Best Vitamins
  • Purple Pops
  • Company A Skin Emulsion 387
  • Company B Vitamin 935
  • Company X Cleaner 735

If someone were looking for something they know they want, which of these would they click on? The general ad? Or the product specific ad?

Same with “Best Cameras” versus “Sony HD 749 video camera”. Someone who enters the latter is more ready to buy – they KNOW what they want. That’s where you want to be, yes?

To attract the buyer group – the 20% – naming your product is a great way to attract those who are searching for it online. Yes, it’s fewer than “Vitamins” but remember, people typing in “Vitamins” are just looking. They’re the 80%-ers you are sick of.

NOTE: Use a specific product name only when someone might be searching for it online already. However, using your company or product name does nothing when you’re introducing it to someone who doesn’t already know about it. In that case you talk of what it’s done for you…see “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?

Anyway, re using “Vitamins” as your online ad header – because so many people type that in, the per-click costs are $3-5/each. But purchases are about zip. Because those folks are looking and comparing. So you run through a lot of money fast. 🙁

Buyers think specific and buy. And, if it turns out folks are not looking for your particular product, you will not have paid for any clicks.

I’m no PPC expert, but here are two things I’ve learned about running Google ads (PPC stuff):

Rule #1 for Google ads: No general ads if you want ready buyers. Be extremely specific – for example, you might use the specific product name. Or even the company + product combo. Because these companies have been around, many old customers go online to find reps to buy them.

Rule #2. If you do PPC ads, set a daily spend limit. Clicks don’t equate to sales. Also set a pay-per-click limit so you don’t spend way more on clicks than you should. Start south of $.35/click to start. And perhaps $10/day total to start. If your keywords are specific enough, you won’t have to pay much more than that. The higher the average keyword (ad words you’ll use for now) cost, the more people are using it – meaning that there will be a way bigger percentage of lookers, not buyers.

For specific product copy ideas, check out the “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell it?” and the “Customer Enchilada” program or “3 Scripts CD set.” Check them out here.

Next: why discounts are NOT a good way to get rabid and loyal buyers.

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Kim Klaver


  • Buyers think specific and buy. And, if it turns out folks are not looking for your particular product, you will not have paid for any clicks.This is the key to successful PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising w/o going broke. In Internet marketing terms it’s called targeted the long-tail keywords, and it will bring you more buyers and less browsers.


    Long Tail Niche Domination

  • Google is a great place to advertise — I agree with you. You still have the 80% of just looking and they need to be motivated to change gears and downshift to the 20% BUYERS category.

    I think the specific ad is the way to go, most of the time. I guess I have been one of those people just looking and stumbled across something in a general ad and bought it … but you can’t run a business hoping the right person will stumble across your ad or website.

    Great advice, I look forward to reading more.

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