3 Ways to know if you’re in the right company. Part I

Part I. For product lovers.

Three questions:

1. Would you buy (use) the product if you weren’t selling it?
2. Can you make money without recruiting sales people?
3. Do they pay you at least 10% on the autoship/preferred customer orders you get? (Customers who are not sales people)?

Other criteria, product lovers?

Part II: For recruiters – next.

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Kim Klaver


  • 1) You are right on the money here as usual Kim. If we wouldn’t invest our own money in the product if we weren’t selling it, then how are we going to convince others of its value? Consumers are savvy nowadays and they can immediately tell if we truly love and value our products. I have to keep calming myself down so I don’t sound too hypey when I talk about my products because I get so passionate and excited about them. That comes through because I have had prospects say “Wow! You REALLY believe in your product don’t you?!” almost as if they are surprised that I do. And my response is always the same “Of course I do – I couldn’t sell it if I didn’t!”

    2) This is also a critical component of any company, especially now when networking companies are facing widespread government scrutiny and product sales to outside consumers is one of the criteria they use for determining if a company is a legitimate company or a pyramid scheme.

    My new company has a Loyal Customer program that allows customers to become wholesale customers for free in exchange for a 3-month commitment to use at least one product per month. Their Customer/Distributor ratio is 3:1 because of this program. They require distributors to get 2 Loyal Customers in order to earn their Fast Start Bonus, plus they have 2 programs to encourage customer acquisition. One is the Perfect 10 requiring 5 Loyal Customers and 5 Distributors to qualify. The other is a $600/month Car Bonus for collecting 60 Loyal Customers (plus 15% commissions on those sales = over $1,000/month average). So someone who has no desire or ability to build a team can earn a reasonable to substantial amount of money without recruiting a single person.

    3) Partly answered in #2, but my company pays 15% for all customer orders (plus retail profit if retail orders), so someone can earn a substantial amount of money just by gathering customers and not recruiting a single person.

    I know you are a strong proponent of gathering customers and your analogy of the cable company asking its customers to sell cable in order to get it at a discount hit home with me the minute I heard it. I suddenly realized how networkers sound when we try to get our customers to become distributors.

    So I have found that this no-strings-attached customer program is a very valuable prospecting point with networkers who know that not everyone is a recruiter/leader, and with prospects who just love the product and want to tell people about it without having to recruit or lead a team.

    If more networking companies would discover this simple secret, they would not only avoid government scrutiny, but the whole industry would have a better reputation and the company would sell a lot more products which translates to a A LOT more money!

    Thanks for this interesting discussion!

    Follow Your Passion,
    Michelle Sanchez
    Network Marketing Success Coach
    Heart~2~Heart Coaching

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
    committed people can change the world; indeed, it
    is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Meade

  • It’s GREAT to be associated with a company where you can: 1) Enjoy the benefits of autoship and NOT have to sell anything. 2) You NEVER have to do a Home Party if you elect not to. 3) You can simply build a client base and NOT recruit one Distributor if you don’t want to. The company I’ve been apart of has all the above and more and yes-I would STILL buy the product and use it even if I quit tommorrow!

  • Yep the company I belong to fits all three. Also they don’t pressurise to buy every month so just like in my case if you want to enjoy their products as a hobbyist your only commitment is to buy $50 per year (are they kidding ? I spend easily that amount in one month). Also they come up nearly 4 times a year with a new range and you can buy it at a special discount 50% instead of the usual 25%. So I stock up with the full new range and the stuff I don’t use I sell.

    So to recap:
    1) I’m addicted to their products so yes I would buy it.
    2) Minimum 25% but because I buy the speciall issues I make 50% when I sell the stuff
    3) 25% on the autoship…and digital downloads (afaik).

    Also they don’t oblige you to go to meetings or meet with your upline. Pure Freedom !

  • Yes, Yes, Yes…. I think it is easy for network marketers to see and meet these criteria but what about for recruiting. I am waiting to see if I can easily answer those questions.

    Nancy Carlson

  • Yes on all accounts, for both companies I deal with. In fact I only ended up with 2 companies because I wanted certain products.

    Company A offers 13%, company B 12%. In both cases there is no charge to become a preferred customer.

    Company B has a feature I really like: an option to get an automatic shipment every other month, or even every three months.
    This really lowers the barrier.

  • Other criteria: does your product come in forms that are easy to share, with attractive and informative sales materials?

    I love the power of samples!

  • Hey Kim! Of course you know I answer YES to all 3!

    1. Would you buy (use) the product if you weren’t selling it?

    Absolutely! I’ve tried other products but nothing to date has given me the results Fruta Vida does.

    2. Can you make money without recruiting sales people?

    Yes ma’am! 100 customer in 100 days would produce $5,000 in residual income for me! Woohoo!

    3. Do they pay you at least 10% on the autoship/preferred customer orders you get? (Customers who are not sales people)?

    Our company pays 50% fast start for all initial orders, and 35-37% on reorders without a large retail mark up. (We earn $15 for every single bottle reorder, and $50 for every 4 bottle reorder).

    Gotta love it!


    Kassandra Bragg

  • 1. Would you buy (use) the product if you weren’t selling it?

    Absolutely! That is actually why I joined the company, I burned one of their candles and was amazed! (I was with another candle company at the time and was not looking to change companies)

    2. Can you make money without recruiting sales people?

    Yes to this answer too! There are a variety of ways to make money although I love to show others how to purchase our candles at wholesale!

    3. Do they pay you at least 10% on the autoship/preferred customer orders you get?

    Yes! 10% exactly!

    Have a Blessed Day!

    Wendy Leal

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