9,124. Three weeks.

Since October 3, 2007, 9,124 copies of Friends, Lies and Network Marketing, see here have been downloaded. I’m delighted and gratified at the reception this little piece has received.

My goal was 10,000 downloads in the first month, something that has never been done at ChangeThis before.

Want to help? Two things you can do to help me get to 10,000 downloads.

1. Friends, Lies and Network Marketing, DOWNLOAD it free here
It’s the first piece on Network Marketing ever published by, the premier online business and marketing publisher. It’s a little online Manifesto, 18 pages of big type.

2. If you HAVE read it, please go here and on the top right, EMAIL IT TO SOMEONE you think might be surprised by what it says.

I’ll let you know if we hit 10,000 in the next few days.

P.S. Did some of you read it? The verdict?

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Kim Klaver


  • “…please go here and on the top right, EMAIL IT TO SOMEONE…”

    Hhhhmmm, this link took me to the download page, and I couldn’t see a way to email it from there.

    I ended up forwarding it to five people using the link on the last page of the manifesto, no problem.

    Just writing in case someone else wonders too. Sure don’t want you to miss setting a 10,000 in one month record — good luck!


  • Oh, and yes, I’ve read it several times. Verdict? Couldn’t have said it better myself. I mean, couldn’t have said it myself. I mean, thank you.


  • Does having more, or a specific quantity of downloads somehow make the piece better?

    Other than vanity, what’s the BFD about being #1 on the Manifesto download list?

    Does it make NM better?
    Does it aid individual NM-ers?

    I doubt it. Instead, in seeming to be just another case of ‘my stuff is better than yours’, it’s immature.

    That’s a detraction from its value. And one that does neither you, NM, nor NM-ers any favors.

  • Hi Kim:

    This is something like chasing the volume in your NWM organization at the end of the month trying to make a new PIN level.You gotta take it deep into your organization. I’ll help you.

    I just got an idea I hadn’t thought of before. Why not e-mail it to propsects? Someone I’ve talked to and they either said they wanted more information or the timing wasn’t right for them now.

    9,124 and counting.

  • Kim –

    Yes I’ve read it several times. I emailed it 6 times today. I’ve posted it on different websites.

    I’ve been a student of yours for a year and still found the piece helpful. You are always totally honest, authentic, and only teach what you have tested and used yourself. I used to download all kinds of “methods, training materials, ebooks, etc.” I never knew any more about how to do network marketing with these things than I started out knowing. I was almost going to be a product user but wanted to find a way to at least make the money back that I put into my business. I found Banana Marketing and NMC, I found what made the difference for me. I never looked back.

    If I ever think “what if” it’s “what if I hadn’t stumbled across NMC last year.”

    Kim – Heartfelt thanks for giving us better ways to make a difference with network marketing.


  • Thanks, guys. Dianne: there’s a place to email the piece right at the top right of the download page – see it?

    g–Immature? Maybe. Fun, though.

  • I don’t know about immature, but it did strike me as a self-promotion – buy my book and send it to all your friends so they will buy my book ploy.

  • >g–Immature? Maybe. Fun, though.

    No dear, it’s not fun. It is simply childish in a needlessly competitive manner which, for personal aggrandisement, totally subverts the good intent of the outlet in which it is published. (As was the prior ‘vote for my blog’ episode of a year or two back, which rightly caused upset.)

    It’s not as you say ‘a vote for NM’ because it’s being downloaded by converts. Had ordinary folk chanced upon it, that’d have been different. But they didn’t.

    There’s a time for modesty and restraint – and that time is now. Without it, and moreso through being emailed to people who’ve not asked for it, what’s an excellent piece will simply join the ranks of ‘coffee house letter’, Sieg’s ‘lies’ and other ‘ya gotta see this’ – and therein receive less recognition and be of less constructive help than it otherwise could have been.

  • Hi Kim,

    The piece is still good and deserves a little exposure.

    Nothing wrong with wanting to set a record.

    I think anyone in marketing wants all the exposure they can get.

    You are an author and from what I’ve seen they all stage promotions and book signings and special sales. This promotion doesn’t even require buying a book!


  • I believe if everyone read this before they started in Network Marketing there would be less of a drop out rate (so it certainly would make NM better and be a benefit to all individuals in NM).

    Self promotion, maybe but – If you had a great idea that would help those in your organization or downline, wouldn’t you want to pass it on. It’s free (thank you Kim).

    Immature, no. Immature would be like a child that puts someone else down and tries to use big words to make themselves look good. Or allowing a new recruit to fail because you did not prepare them for the real world (childish or lack of adult leadership).

    When Kim first posted the link, I had never heard of Change This. Once I downloaded “Friends, Lies, and Network Marketing”, I immediately used it to teach 200 people in our weekly Sales and Marketing training the importance of changing the perception of Network Marketers as Liars who abuse their Friends. The results and follow up emails I got was astounding.

    I don’t think 10,000 is enough. This document should be required reading for all of your new people (that join any NM company). How can you change the terrible bad name of Network Marketing and the 95% drop out rate with modesty and restraint? Every new person I bring into my business will get this link and I will share my personal story of the damage cause by listening to an upline who belongs to the Old School.

  • Let’s take a new vote. How many agree that JMF needs to take a stress tab?

    “Had ordinary folk chanced upon it that’d have been different.”

    Well let’s do the math. There are currently 365 NMC members and obviously one of them had to use restaint so 364 people e-mailing the link to their upline, downline etc. Let’s say that on average everbody e-mailed the link 6 times. And if 100% of the recipients actually downloaded the pdf that would account for 2184 downloads which for obvious reasons didn’t happen. And that would leave another 6940 downloads unaccounted for. MAYBE, just MAYBE ordinary folk chanced upon it.

  • “How many agree that JMF needs to take a stress tab?”

    Nurse Davis… tell me, do you always mix up your patients charts so easily?

    I’ve gotten my BP down to 129/74 by being sober for three months, so I trust you’ll give me MY medication, not some mad Britt’s Xanax, Valium and Ativan cocktail. H’, I’d have to start drinking again just to navigate my to do list. Scary.

    Although “g”is a friend (albeit often my most challenging one :-), he is NOT me…

    That said, a g-point (think g-spot importance:-) that’s well taken is for this author (oh so committed to “Truth, Justice and the American Way”–is that AmWay?) to say straightly WHY the 10,000 or bust accomplishment matters to her–besides the “it’s such a good thing for network marketing”… why it matters to her, personally. The authenticity of that would move a few thousand downloads very quickly.

    JMF (and no other)

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