Addicted to trying my hardest: Ricky Gervais

From the creator and producer of the hit TV show, The Office.

“I used to be the laziest, least ambitious person I knew…

“I suppose I was cursed with some early success. I was smart. The smartest kid in my class.
Then the smartest kid in the next class and so on. I actually used to pride myself on the fact that
I didn’t have to even try to pass exams. This is my greatest regret. It’s a disgusting attitude and
potentially a waste of a life.

“Writing and directing The Office was the first thing I ever tried my hardest at. The reward
was revelatory.

“At 40. I was addicted. Not to success. I was addicted to trying my hardest. That’s the
reward in itself. It’s what life’s about. The struggle. It’s the only way you can be proud.
You can’t be proud of luck…” More Here.

You ready to get addicted to trying your hardest?  Trick: Find something you love.
Something that you just want to do so much it hurts.  Something you want to make
better than what exists right now so badly, you can’t even stand it.

That’s when you’ll be addicted to trying your hardest.

PS. I’m a workaholic. But as Winston Churchill said “If you find a job you really love,
you’ll never work again”.

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