Another "secret" of the big marketing men

Two of the things I’ve noticed in this intensive marketing program I’m taking now:

1) the big Internet marketing successes involved are men;
2) all of them worked 10-12 hours and more per day to create and market their programs and products.

How can a part-timer compete with that?

Some options.

Narrow the scope of what you do – laser focus.
Be different. So you get attention.
Collaborate with others, so you share the load all benefit.

What’s worked for you to be able to get more done in less time?

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Kim Klaver


  • Yes, I’m one of the 80% (female, part-time) network marketers. It’s frustrating to hear over and over about the “big money” some reps have made, and knowing realistically I can’t devote that much time to my business. It’s difficult not to get sucked in to the hype. But then I remember something you said about being honest, or non-hypey and I know I have to be true to myself and the products I represent. Thanks for the reality-check!

    And thanks for all the tech info like the RSS feeds (I had no idea about that).

  • One thing people can keep in mind is not everyone wants to work with a heavy hitter networker directly. You will have people who are attracted to those types, but you will also have people who run the other way and are looking for someone who might be a little more down to earth and real but that can still help them. One thing you asked is how can a part-timer compete with that? My thoughts on that are why try to compete with that. Be yourself, find people who want to work with you. Create leverage through your network and build it at your pace. It might take longer, but anything worth creating and working towards can be done even in smaller chunks of time.

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