Customer survey techniques + Audio seminar

This post is for someone buys customer leads from an online leads generation company.

These prospects have typically taken an online health survey. To get the person to complete the survey, the leads company typically offers a free product sample.

Thousands of NMers buy leads like this, and thousands are shocked and distraught when they start making the calls. What happens:

  1. The people you paid for never pick up the phone.
  2. Many that do, talk as if they never filled out a survey.
  3. Many ask for a sample and don’t want to talk beyond that.
  4. When you do talk a bit, they tell you “It’s too expensive.”
  5. After you send the sample, which costs you money to buy from the company, they don’t take your calls or call back.

Oi vey.

Once in a while you get a good one. But they’re so few and far between most people have given up long before they even get the first one.

What to do?

1. Know the numbers. Few survey-taking-leads who complete a questionnaire to get a free sample expect to do more than ask for the sample. THAT was the deal, after all, yes?

2. Don’t expect anyone to buy from a stranger on the first date. Bait and switch doesn’t work (pressuring them to buy after they expected a sample).

3. Before you ask them to buy, tell your own product story first. That’s a way to go first and be genuine, and even a little vulnerable and human. “Let me tell you what happened to me with this…”

4. Surprise them and do NOT ask them to buy – instead, ask them if they know anyone who…

5. Limit your cold calls to 45 minutes at a time, one after another, then do something else.

You likely have more tips based on your experience. We’ve done thousands of these calls live with folks over the last 7 years. Sigh.

Special Audio Seminar for blog readers.
I did a 45 minute session with about 250 network marketers two weeks ago. They all bought customer leads from one of the only customer-leads generation companies I know of (VOS – The purpose was to give them some tips on how to get better results calling those leads.

Turned out to be one of the most fun calls I’ve done in a while. I made some small edits and you can hear the call here, on me. (It’s about 45 minutes so give it time to download). Remember to turn on the volume.

To connect with VOS, contact Network Marketing Central (=iGaggle) member Carol Raynor.


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The new Haystack Telecourse. Coming Feb 20. I also made a
little QuickTime slide show of the Haystack program here.

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Kim Klaver


  • Thanks Kim. It really was a great call.

    I am using VOS customer profiles (have been for years). It is primarily what I use to grow my business. Between VOS’s GREAT Sales and Marketing training and Kim’s New School techniques – well, I don’t want to sound like a commercial so “if you know anyone who might be interesed in a customer leads program ….

  • I have been buying leads from VOS and I was on that call. The leads are as you describe them, however I like the way VOS is set up. I wish more leads programs were set up that way. I believe it will improve my chances of getting customers, especially using your tips. Thanks.

    Joe Washburn
    MLM Is About You.

  • Would anyone who has used the system with Kim’s training tells us how they are doing?

    1.If you bought 250 customer surveys, how many became your customers?

    2.Of those customers, how many are repeaters like a cable,DSL or telephone customer?


  • It depends. Most people actively using the system – using Kim’s New School combined with our training are experiencing 10%-50% closing ratio with those they actually speak with.

    If you were getting 10% (remember let go of the 9 in 10) – would you be happy?

  • Dave,

    No disrespect intended, however, I believe Enrique was asking for someone who is USING the system to give us THEIR experience and numbers. You are promoting the system so it’s easier for us to hear from those actually using it WITH KIM’s TRAINING rather than those promoting it.

    I don’t see any of the ones who have said they are using it say how they are doing. It would be awesome if you guys could give us your numbers and answers to Enrique’s questions.


  • Roxanne, since you asked for Enrique (and others might be interested), you can go to my profile and see how I’m doing. I’ve been using them since 2002.

    Some people think my statistics or my income makes a difference to them. It really doesn’t. What matters for each of us is finding something that we like doing to generate sales and that fits our style to grow our business.

  • Carol,

    With all due respect, your profile does not answer any of Enrique’s questions about the VOS customer profile system.

    1.If you bought 250 customer surveys, how many became your customers?

    2.Of those customers, how many are repeaters like a cable,DSL or telephone customer?

    I, personally, prefer to generate my own leads, but this was a way to get conversation on here back up and running. (Things seem to have slowed to a crawl lately) It was also a way for Kim’s blog readers to maybe get answers so they can think about using this system and make an informed decision.

    If no one is willing to answer the questions, however, must be some reason. It’s always nice to hear from people USING a system how it’s working for them.

    I think all of us here are well aware of the fact that we can not base our success on the success of others, but testimonials from people we hear from regularly do help.


  • I hope this will help answer the question.

    I do understand the question, but for me it’s hard to answer with a statistic (which I think is what you are looking for). Using Kim’s reply, I would say “it depends….”. On average I make sales on about 10%-15% of the profiles I personally talk to. Of those, about 50% stay for more than 6 months. Some people respond directly to the auto responders and order and I haven’t spoken to them. Of course, some people are not at home or won’t answer their phone if they don’t recognize the number (and I leave a nice voice mail). Since I keep the pipe of profiles coming in weekly, it’s difficult to take any 250 of them and respond with a numeric answer to the question.

    It might be like asking out of 250 business cards you hand out, out of 250 people you meet, out of 250 leads you generate, out of 250 emails you mail out…..I’m sure you get the idea.

    I love hearing about what others are using and then see if it fits with my personality. I personally do not like working with internet leads for “business builders” (or at least the ones I’ve been exposed to so far) and really do not like “cold calls”. All I can say is “What if it worked for you, like it worked for me?”

    I’ve used several of Kim’s approaches and am very excited about Kim’s “Finding a Needle in a Haystack” upcoming class. I have learned a lot from her in the “Recruiting with Ads” which helped me fix what I was doing wrong there. I’d like for Kim to do a post that asked “Where and how do you find your Customers?” Now that would generate some responses we all could learn from!

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