Antidote for not setting any speed records in your business

Who remembers this old adage:

Network marketing is based on the principle of a lot of people doing a little.

Not a few doing incredible and unbelievable things (although there are a few who do that).

Where would all the top bananas be if they didn’t have those 85% in their businesses, who are part time, hmm?

(The Direct Selling Association reports that 85% of those in our industry are part time.)

So go ahead and feel GOOD about doing this on a part time basis. And reach out to and nurture the other part timers, who also have other commitments in their lives, just like you. Don’t let anyone bully you or make you feel second class because you have other commitments in your life. Build it on the principle that has withstood the test of time in many movements:

It’s a lot of people doing a little.

Happy trails to you if you DO stumble across someone who wants to build an empire.

Meanwhile, you can be taking in a few hundred each month with your current efforts.

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