Are network marketers like ads we all love to hate?

It’s better to be at the other end of someone’s search for what you have, than to advertise what you have to someone who wasn’t (and isn’t) looking for it.

for example, knows people don’t like ads interrupting their favorite TV programs so they created a gizmo that allows millions to watch their programs when they want, sans ads. People love skipping ads they don’t want to see or hear.

Now, turn things around. When you want something – say a good latte and a little sit, you search out the nearest Starbucks or other fave, don’t you? No problem.

Same thing online. Most people have turned off intrusive pop-up ads. That’s not what they got online for.

However, when WE want something online, we SEARCH. We go to Google or Yahoo, enter some words that describe it, and check out what comes up in the search results.

We don’t mind searching a few vendors, either, for that thing we want.

Network marketers are too often like the intrusive ads – interrupting someone’s day with promos that were not asked for and often, intruding on their own relationships – just like the ad on TV or the online pop-up.

However, like us, when a friend is looking for something, they’ll search it out. Either online or off.

The big question for us:

How can you be there, online, or even better, in their mind, when the time comes for them to find something you have? E.g. something to relieve an achy knee without drugs, or some non-toxic cleaners?

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Kim Klaver


  • Good questions, Kim! And good points you made in discussing the subject.

    I LOVE my DVR (same as TIVO) because I HATE commercials, so I would never even consider giving it up! And I pay a $4 monthly fee for a computer program by a company called ‘Stop Sign’ because it’s the best I’ve seen at stopping those bleeping pop-ups!

    So even though I spend EXTRA money every month to have these things, it’s worth it because of the peace of mind these things provide me. I don’t consider them a luxury — to me they are a necessity.

    And interestingly, these things also make me feel more in control — not subject to ALL the advertisers. Plus, I really enjoy conducting my own searches online for info — kind of like digging for treasure. And I DO look at the Google Ads that show up in my searches.

    So, knowing that I pay extra money for peace of mind and a feeling of control over my environment, maybe THOSE are the type of people I need to find for my products?!! You know, people like ME.

    Anyhoo, to be there online for these folks when they come looking requires an advertising presence, which I’m learning from you, Kim, how to do. And I’m thinking it might be a good idea to have a magnetized sign on my car. Also, an email sig is a no-cost way to ‘keep in their mind’. No seller talk — just call out their name and see if they respond.


  • Well, TV commercials do serve an awesome purpose….. you have time to run do something that has been put on hold in the other room.

    If they take away the commercials, that load of towels to be folded will have to wait longer!

    I completely agree! We need to let people know we are there and it normally takes several exposures before a purchase, but I absolutely do not want to be an irritating commercial.

    How about offering a friendly sample of your perfect low calorie snack food if your friend says they need a great snack for the kids?

    If she takes it, you can then call her to see how they liked it and tell her you’ll be ordering soon if she would like some for herself.

    Brenda Bunney

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