Awesome potential: It’s here.

Gov Richardson, endorsing Obama after the latter’s speech on race issues, commented:

“He did not seek to evade tough issues or to soothe us with comforting half-truths. Rather, he inspired us by reminding us of the awesome potential residing in our own responsibility.”

Indeed, that’s where all the potential is. In us. In our own responsibility.
Isn’t it?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim you are so right

    I feel, part of being a good leader is taking responsibility, facing your problems head on with Integrity. Not falling victim to the fear of loss by compromising
    your values.

    To lead is to have values and Integrity that people can trust.

  • I am hoping that not the whole US will support Obama I believe that it is time for a woman President that it will definitely put a new light on wars and the poor in our country. More of the same with Obama who is nowhere in my book

  • Dear Anonymous,

    I am not against having the right woman in office as President of the United States.

    What I am against is letting the First Man, Former President Bill Clinton, have another possible 8 years to disgrace the Whitehouse.

    It should almost be unconstitutional for this to happen, but Bill and Hillary have different SS#’s.

    Does anyone reading this really believe that a spouse does not have an influence on the decisions of their partner?

    No more Bill,

    Tom Doiron

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