"Because you’re worth it" Greatest manipulative line ever?

I see it everywhere, you?

Buy this, experience that (for $$$$) “Because you’re worth it.”

Or you’ll see a paid performer buying something, along with her “Because I am worth it” tagline.

This is usually directed at women. (Have you ever seen a guy in an ad with the “Because I’m worth it?” line?)

Is this the greatest manipulation line ever to get women to spend their money on things they don’t need?

Do we really have such low self-esteem that we need advertising men to tell us that only when we buy what they’re selling, will we truly be “worth it”?

They must have hooked (some of) us. I keep seeing it.

What’s your reaction to this line to entice us to buy?

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Kim Klaver


  • Makes me wonder – Im really worth more …
    It is a sad expression to ad

    was I really worth much before?

    (I’m so glad I have a great sense of humour)

  • It speaks to our ego so we will justify a purchase based on emotion instead of need or thoughtful consideration.

    Awareness and self-control are the weapons of choice to avoid falling prey to this manipulation.

  • Oh, there are so many more manipulative things to say. I’ve heard bad product shipments (faulty) blamed on the lack of faith of the person receiving it. I’ve also heard it said that bad things happen to us because we “thought them into our lives”. I’m worth it is old and tired and, well, just plain old. What I’m worth is beyond calculation and I don’t need validation from buying anyone else’s product to know it.

  • My other “favorite” is “because you deserve it.”

    Really? I deserve a new car, more money, a different kind of lifestyle? Why? What did I do to deserve it? Do I deserve it because I exist?

    Makes absolutely no sense, but it’s this kind of thinking that gets lots of people in trouble.

  • You’re ALWAYS worth it! (smile)It makes no difference whether the attraction is a new pair of shoes, Tina Turner concert seats, or a swirl cone from the local ice cream truck. What made you buy your 1st home? Your latest car? That Coach bag you just got with your last paycheck? You wanted it, thought you were worth it, and bought it! If people bought only what they NEEDED and not what they WANTED non of us commenting on this forum would be in business. As Zig Ziglar would say…”When they want it more than the money it costs, they will scratch around until they can come up with the money!” (See his Secrets of Closing the Sale)Buying is an EMOTIONAL thing, not something logical or always practical.

  • You ARE worth it if you think you are. If you think you’re not, you’re not.

    You do deserve it IF you think you do. If you think you don’t, you don’t.

    I always sign my blog posts with:

    YOU Deserve Success!!

    because I feel that EVERYONE deserves success. It’s not a ploy. It’s not fake. It’s how I feel.

    Roxanne Green

  • Hi Kim,

    It is sad that most listen to a sales pitch, buy a item to make them feel they deserve.

    So many people have low self esteem
    at one time or another. It shows and some sales people take advantage of that.

    Yes, I’m worth it, but that doesn’t mean I should spend to prove I’m worth it.

    Just knowing you are worth it, and could spend it is enough some times.

    Lynn Rothfuss

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