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Best Bait?

What’s the best bait?

We often hear folks compare building a network marketing
business as similar to going fishing.

You know the story…

You need to fish in the right pond, need to be patient, and
need to use the right bait to catch the right fish.

With fishing, you
1) decide what kind of fish you’re looking to catch.
2) you choose the best known bait for those fish.
3) go fishing in the ponds where those kinds of fish are known to hang out.

Some days you catch one, some days you don’t.

From your experience, what’s the best type of person to fish for?
And what’s been the best “bait”? Including where the bait is a series?

TYPE OF PERSON you’re fishing for: a customer, a Rep, or both.

BAIT defined here as the approach – the offer – the benefit you
describe to the other person.

Note. We all know that sometimes a customer comes in who becomes
a big builder – sometimes even a year or two later. There are also
peeps who come in because they want to earn income.

So tell what’s worked for you to build your business. Who have
you gone after – customers or builders? And what’s the “bait” that’s
worked best for you?

Readers would love to hear…

About the author

Kim Klaver


  • Funny you should post this article as I just wet a hook yesterday at a popular lake near my home. While getting started on my first cast, I noticed a couple people some distance away fishing while enjoying a picnic.

    “Catch anything yet?” I asked. “Nothing,” replied one in their party, “but you inspired us to keep fishing!” I ended the day without catching anything. Nevertheless, undaunted, I shall return!

    Though I go fishing for any kind of fish, the real “keepers” are those people who either want to use my product or build their business with me. As my client base grows, my business builder line remains low at present.

    Too often in the past, I’ve studied and worked toward getting first-class fishing gear but haven’t studied the fish enough to learn their habits and interests and the kind of bait they would most likely be attracted to. In addition, going to all the fishing shows and events to see what others are doing often distracts me from my primary focus – catching fish (seeing and gathering customers and business builders).

    Kim Klaver is one of my top five “paperback mentors” to help us build our business and client base the right way. I highly endorse her and her books and audio.

  • Not sure what bait works best but I do know many a fine fish has been lost to someone out spearfishing! May have even been guilty of that myself.

  • yeah Network marketing is much more like fishing and right now the fastest fish no matter how small commands my interest not the big fish. This is my big reason, in today’s business world the fastest fish eats the big fish. Think of apple of yesterday overtaking the big brand, coca cola. same is applicable to mlm business. the hungry guys from dunghills without college degree are making it faster than the big guys from silver spoon homes.

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