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Are you prepared – for the response?

In the recruiting meets and videos, most folks make it look easy to do the business…

Just show it, talk about it, meet new peeps and talk to people, talk to people, talk to people.

Of course, that’s so you’ll sign up.

Here’s the reaction a typical recruiter wants from you:

“Looks easy enough! Look at the simpleton in the front of the room!
OMG if HE can do this…!!!”

And they hand over their CC. (Happened to
me 24 years ago, too.)

While it doesn’t require any pedigree to build a business of your own
(Jobs and Gates didn’t finish college, either), here’s what the folks in
front of the room do not prepare you for:

The. Response.

Are. You. Prepared. For. The. Response?

I mean really prepared in your heart, mind and spirit?

To make this business generate income – I mean even $5 – you need
the cooperation of those to whom you present.

You know, the OTHER person(s).

You don’t present to yourself, right?

Who was (or is) really prepared inside their soul and ego,
for the responses of others?

And so, many fall away.


How would you prepare folks with little or no business or
sales (or people) experience for the responses they will get
from others?

And please, none of the trite “some will some won’t so what” type stuff.
If that were meaningful to anyone starting out, most folks wouldn’t
drop out.

PS Of course there are folks who make it look easy because
some really giant banana fell on their own head. Since that is
super rare, is it fair for these folks to present “easy income and it just
kept growing without me” as something others should expect
easily and quickly?

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Kim Klaver


  • The best way to prepare people for the responses they will get is to have them practice on close family members and be sure to tell them up front that this is practice and nothing more. Your people are just in training to become good enough to then go out and do a good job presenting what they have to offer. Let them know that when they do present most people won’t be open to what they have to offer and that’s okay because they are just looking for those that want what is being offered. Tell them that each no is just bring them closer to those that will say yes. All great successful sales people are those that get the most nos. So go for the nos. And every once in a while someone will suprise you and say yes.

  • When the new presenter has someone ask a question I recommend to do the following
    1) Repeat persons name back and thank them. (Kim, thank you).
    2) Then let them know you are going to write their question down and other questions upto 5. Ex. Kim, thank you for asking the first question. Kim, I’m going to write you question down and take just 4 others and I will answer each one starting with yours first Kim.
    3) This gives new presenter a standard to follow and teach others. In time skills, knowledge and experience will take over..

  • We have a philosophy of coaching called Tell, Show, Try, Do.

    TELL the newbie what to do

    SHOW them (as described above practicing on peeps is good … incidentally they often buy)

    TRY – let them try but you listen then give feedback after

    DO – let them do it in their own

    The REALITY is often Tell, Show, Show, Show, Try, Try, Show, Try , Try, Do if you follow 😉

  • First, I want to say I despise those which say trite things like you have above or; “go for the no’s”, “family members won’t say no”, “just find more people”. I have been there done that and can’t count high enough to record all the no’s I have received in my career while those who say yes and the high producers are few. Family and friends are just as willing to say no as anyone else. They feel believe they are protecting and preparing you for other outcomes. Oddly, their no’s hurt more than those from strangers because we respect them even when they are not qualified to give their opinion.

    To prepare people about the no’s, dropouts, wholesale customers, and great or easy producers I like to tell the parable of the tares which most people are at least familiar with. I like to know a little about people before this and if I do think it will offend them I tell it from my personal experience working on my uncle’s farm when I was a young man. When some one has expressed appreciation for Christianity I will follow it up with a “complete” John 10:10 because there will be people (sometimes our most trusted) who will try to steal, kill or destroy our dreams for abundant fulfilling life, I have also used a similar story from secular approach of the thief and home invaders which steal kill and destroy.

    My results have been positive to the point almost everyone I have introduced to the industry are in some way still involved. I also believe as some teach, “Prospets become a good or bad prospect after they meet us, based on our skills.”

  • I useually tell them not to present to anyone the first month if I am not present. Also I tell them at presentations “the cost of all this is that for a short time You will Loose social status – are you prepared for that?”

  • I honestly don’t think you can prepare people for the responses they
    will receive, except by helping them to build belief in what they are doing.
    If life hasn’t prepared them for human nature, I don’t think that you will be
    able to either. Help them build their dream to where the opinions of others
    don’t matter. “The dog in the hunt doesn’t know that he has fleas.”

  • I want to believe in myself, I want to make it in this industry, but I don’t know if I can, and I haven’t been able to make any consistent money enough to pay my bills, and I haven’t stayed on the products consistently, and someimes I want to believe in the products, and sometimes I don’t, and sometimes I talk highly of the products, and sometimes I talk very bad and begrudgingly about the products, and almost beg people to get the hell away from me, and don’t buy my products because they don’t work.

  • Cornelius, does Empower Network sound like you do it with Kim’s help?

    Think about it. Can you find $125 dollars?

    Thank you.

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