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Easy! Anyone Can Do It!.. Really?

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“All you have to do is blah blah blah to succeed…” – heard from the stage of a recent NM convention

Sodden thought…

The more the gurus – and people in front of the room – talk about how “all you have to do is blah blah blah to succeed”, the longer it will take for those outside our industry, to ever think of network marketing as a “profession“, and the longer it will take for outsiders to ever think of those in it, as professionals.


What profession belittles its members by recruiting with enticements of easy, anyone can do it, why, a 7-year old advanced two ranks in 60 days, check out this former clerk and tuna boat fisherman making all this money, and what’s wrong with YOU!” approach?

Does this sound like any kind of “profession” you’ve ever heard about? 🙂

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