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He Never Expected Having 2000 Customers

Unexpected Success

I hoped to get 20 clients. I got 2,000.” – Rich Shefren

Sometimes we get WAY more than we expect, because we were ready, and others, who were waiting for what we’ve learned, are ready to learn, invest and do those things, too.

Bottom line, he had no idea, in advance, that he’d get those giant results.

He loved what he did, taught it to a few others, then wrote a report that got 2,000 others to say, “OMG yes, I want that too! Here’s my $2,000!

He. Never. Expected. Those. Giant. Results.

That’s how it happens to MANY super successful entrepreneurs.

Do your thing. Get really good at it. Be ready for that opportunity. When it comes, you might well end up like Rich.

Surprised. Grateful. And helping countless others.

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