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“My company is the #1 NM in the world!”

Have you heard people say that about their company (or pay plan or management or product/service)?

Have you maybe even said it yourself?

Do you believe that about your company?

Hmm. If yours is the best, that means all the thousands
of others are second best, or worse, right? Including the
company of the person to whom you are speaking or writing.

Do you even know who all the other NM companies are?

Is proclaiming that yours is #1 any way to make friends and
influence people?

How about we treat this more like a matter of
personal taste
and values?

Take buying a home.

When you finally find your “dream” home, we talk about how
“This is the perfect place for me!” Or, “We finally have enough
room for the kids AND a sewing room for me!”

Does anyone say, “This is the best house on the planet of
every house out there?!”

Without adding: “FOR ME (or our family)”?

When you buy that stunning blue dress, does that make the color
‘red’ suddenly less “good”? Isn’t it that the blue just looks awesome on you?

Isn’t it all a matter of personal taste, personal needs and values
being satisfied at some point in time?

Since I started building again a few months ago, people have
often asked me,

“So why did you sign up for Company X? What
makes it the best one compared to all the others?
What did I miss, should I join?”

My answer is always the same. Hehehe.

“It may not the best company in the history of the world.
What it is, for me, is a program that connects with

1) my personal interest in meaningful marketing and

2) I get to offer little moments of happiness to others that they
never expected.

I like doing that a lot. Happy people don’t hit each other.
They don’t shoot each other. They don’t start fights and wars.

That’s why I chose this. For ME, it is a good match. And that’s why I do it.” – Kim Klaver

You could say the same for your company (or CEO or pay plan
or whatever). How it fits YOUR taste or your interest – say –
healthful living, or effective but non-toxic skin care, or WHATEVER
it is that turns you on and lights your fire. Isn’t that how it is?

The more we come to know, the more we realize we don’t know.
Have you experienced that too?

NOTE. INSIDE your company meets, you can say whatever
you want. If it makes you feel good to say your deal is #1, fine.
Everyone there is in it. But outside your company, if you say it to
impress others, you likely won’t impress them. Because. In MLM,
every company tries their hardest to persuade EVERY REP that
THEY and THEIR company are number one. That’s thousands of
companies and millions of reps, ALL absolutely certain their
thing is #1.

Can you see tens of thousands of reps, from 2,000 companies,
all in one gigantic stadium together? ALL screaming, “We are #1!”
about THEIR company? At the top of their lungs?

Oi vey.

Do you really want to be one of them?

About the author

Kim Klaver


  • Yes, its so common to hear people saying that their company is number 1. Its always good to give a personal testimony of what attracted you to join the company rather than saying that your company is the best! Great article Kim.

  • One pet peeve of mine is when people who have control of the multimedia projector put a picture of their newest grand baby and ask, “Isn’t she just the cutest baby you’ve ever seen!?” Uh, no. my grand baby is the cutest I’ve ever seen.

    Speaking on this vein, Kim you may not be the greatest teacher of MLM in the whole world, but you are among the top five in my world. Someday we’ll meet. That’ll be interesting as I understand you are kind of “short” and I’m seven feet tall.

  • Hi Kim, I’m not sure of all the ins and outs of your company, but when it comes down to your last $50, are you going to( and everyone else) are you going to pay for product, or the cell phone bill. Honestly.

  • ACN is all about energy, and cell phones. Down to your last dollars at the end of the month, what do will you pay, Umm your energy,cell phone, or a product. No brained.

  • “KIM” ~

    “YOU Have Gone and Done It Again!” ~ Just when I think I’ve Heard Your Best .. You Go One Better and Rock Out with Information that is “Brilliant”
    I Practice what you just said because I’ve learned the SKILLS to know ..
    However, “KIM” ~ “You Put That In WORDS That Just JUMPED Off The PAGE” .. I Have NEVER EVER HEARD IT EXPLAINED THAT WELL!”
    “GREAT JOB” .. As Always!

    • Cool, I was simply saying, that if its down to the wire(on money left, at the end of the month, what will you pay? Cell phone, energy to heat your home, internernet, and all the other essentials, or vitamins, lotions or potions? Just stating my opinion, thanx, scott

  • Kim, about a year ago I was saing something very similar to my upline. No company wants to be the second best.

    Scott, your words look like words from a seller. It’s all about people’s priorities and values.

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