But I haven’t made anything yet!

NomoneyIt’s always easier to get someone’s attention when you are making good money. It’s immediate validation that on the surface at least, your deal is working.

Since most people aren’t making much, and certainly nothing at the beginning, what can you do or say to get a high quality builder-type to come look so they can catch that ‘vision’ of the big money?

Some possibilities:

1. Get those 100 customers
first, a great way to validate your business to any entrepreneur.
They’ll see that people other than those selling it, use it. Can you say that for your company?

AOL went after ‘just’ customers, and now look. 30 million. (Oh say – has anyone from AOL (or your cable TV service, whatever you’re using) ever called you to nag you to sell their service?)

2. Show them a successful upline. This helps. Often though, there are situations the big bananas (bb) benefitted from, which others do not have and cannot get in a short time (less than five years). E.g. the bb had years of previous experience, brought hundreds of people in with them, bought a position with thousands “under” them, have huge spheres of influence, etc., all things that are not readily “duplicatable” by just anyone else.

3. Know and show the money map you’re following as clearly as you would if you were driving from San Francisco to New York. Imagine that map of the US in front of you. How hard is it to show the routes you plan to take, and where you might stop over?

Can you do this with your company’s money map?

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