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  • Thanks K, a soapbox for me to leap on… 😉

    Good for Cuban in openly voicing something many only whisper. And I’m proud [to be a whiner] too. Anyone else?

    Cuban: >People who dont whine are punching bags. They just go about their days, their jobs, their lives, knowing there is nothing they can do to change a darn thing, so why say a word ? They see no reason to whine because they know they are incapable of affecting change.

    And ‘hey presto!’ here we are again… back on the ‘changing worldviews’ issue.

    ‘What wasn’t, will be…’ we evolve as a Society through continuing change – from someone having the ‘whatever’ to want to alter things… and the audacity to ‘suggest a better worldview’.

    And from where does that change come? The lunatics, the mad(wo)men on the margin. The Crazy Ones… those shunned by the mainstream ‘sleeping shoeshufflers who go meekly about their lives kowtowing to the incumbent hierarchy’ and thus ‘not standing for something, fall for anything’.

    Most innovation is inspired by people who are supremely pissed off by the way things are. They become passionate advocates for change… progress.

    So, how is this relevant for NM? It sure needs some shift… to take a step – no, to make a leap – outside convention. To escape from the straitjacket of ‘That’s the way we do things around here’.

    Anyone else here feel like taking a stand… by boldly asking ‘Why do it this way?’ and bluntly stating ‘We may not be right – but we are fervently convinced that the old way is wrong’… and suggesting practical alternatives to current stuff? There’s power in the good ideas that passionate, motivated, fully engaged people can generate.

    [Credit to Peters (Thomas J) for some of the words here.]

  • Mark Cuban says he is a whiner. As a whiner is someone who habitually complains then he certainly fits the criteria.

    Where he differs from 99.9% of all whiners is when he discovers that whining does not produce results (other than driving everyone else crazy); he takes action.

    If everyone who felt they were justified in whining did as MC does then there would be very little left to whine about.

    Sadly most people feel they are inadequate or that nothing will change because of the efforts of one person

    History is littered with examples of people with nothing going for them making major contributions to the world by doing something about their concerns.

    This surely is the key, not just to networking, but to life itself.

    Don’t just whine; DO something

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