How YOU can be like Steve Jobs…

Steve Jobs 1997 Return to Apple1997…

“Mission: Provide relevant compelling solutions that customers can only get from Apple.” – Steve Jobs, 1997

(upon his return to Apple after a decade away… they had canned him… )

Jobs then adds,

“If we can’t figure out how to do that, there are a lot of other options for people to buy their computers (health products, weight loss products you name it) and we might not sell enough computers  (to stay in business.)”


Isn’t this exactly the problem for most of us? We’re not personally
compelling enough to be “the only place” for customers to get their
best fix for their problem.

Remember most network or affiliate marketers are one of thousands of
others selling the same products and opportunities.

How to you stand OUT? So customers seek YOU out?

Jobs did it. We can strive to be extraordinary too. Here’s one way…

We ALL can give something – that solves a customer’s problem –
that the customer can only get from US. Not the product, but from
the product PLUS us.

Because we are each unique and different and have different gifts to offer.

If you believe this like I do, what we have to do now is show
them how WE (with our product/program) make that difference.

The above quote was an idea of Steve’s.

He implemented it like no other before or since. No company has
lines like Apple for blocks and blocks – at midnight around the world – before
a new product is released.

There is no reason WE cannot bring that same idea into our
minds and hearts. And work to make it happen for our
special customers or team mates.

Why not?

PS This is the main thing I teach in the Mr. Rogers Presentation Secrets
program. Have you seen that?

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