Can we put it into the contract then?

One of the five “desires” that “everyone” has, according to yesterday’s post here
“The Five Benefits the World is Seeking” is any product that “improves my appearance.”

Indeed, who doesn’t want to look good?

Something I have sort of idly wondered about is how it seems that TV and movie stars, caught on camera “unprepared,” ALWAYS seemed to look gorgeous, you know?

Who else looks that good sneaking out to the store for a quick bottle of milk or diapers?

Well, here’s one reason: They had contracts that required looking good.

Fashion guru Garavani Valentino has claimed that most stars of yesteryear had contracts that forced them to dress up if they popped out to the supermarket.

“‘Actresses had to commit to appearing in public like stars whenever they left their homes,” he told a German newspaper. Story here.

Who’d have thought it? Well now you know.

Valentino, who dressed the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy in those glory days, was complaining that today’s stars, like Cameron Diaz and Julia Robers look like ‘homeless bag ladies’ compared with the Hollywood stars he used to dress. Because, he said, they don’t have such requirments in their contracts.

Hmm. Since Improve my appearance is something SO MANY companies promise you if you use their products, how about we make them put it into their contract with you – that they MUST improve your appearance if you use the stuff as directed – or else?

Would any company dare to put the promises they make into their contracts?

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