The Five Benefits the World is Seeking…

Most people think about the benefits of their business or product, and wonder which to offer up that will get the most successful response. Well, according to one marketing expert, all of our desires come down to just five.

And the five winners are…

“… it does not matter what the product is or what industry one inhabits, you have to present your case so that you tell your audience within the first ten seconds of your message which one of the five possible benefits you are offering. There are five, period. F-I-V-E.

1. Make me wealthy
2. Improve my appearance
3. Help me to be more well-liked by my family or friends
4. Make me live longer
5. Get me laid more often

Money, looks, popularity, health and sex. That’s it.”

Next trick?

How to offer your favorite one(s) of these in the form of a story, without claims and empty promises.

After all, hasn’t the business done one of more of these things for SOMEONE? And hasn’t a product done like #2 for someone you know?


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