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“Can You Imagine?” Win your transformation in ’31 Days…’

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Welcome to the “Can You Imagine?” contest!  Winner gets
“31 Days To Get Off The Pot” program ($495). Plus a one-on-one with me.

What’s the “Can You Imagine?” contest…

Some of you know my new “31 Days To Get Off The Pot” ($495 program) has been a crazy, surprising success for folks who are in it. It’s been open 65 days. Lives mysteriously changed within those 31 Days. Ask them. (Program features a private one-on-one with me.)

If. You. Are. Someone. Who. Is. Stuck. And. DESPERATE. To. Get. Off. The. Pot…

Here’s YOUR chance to win this transformational experience and save $495….

Contest winner announced July 15.  

To play…

1. Click the image above or this link and review the info-sales page 31 Days. (see what could happen to you)

2. Put your name and email into the info page, where it asks, and use the email you want us to send “You won 31 Days!” to, if you win.  Hehehe.  Go to the end of the sales page.  Then, come back here and…

3. Answer the three questions below…You can post your responses as comments right here…


It’s Saturday morning. And on this particular morning, it’s been 30 days since you’ve been off the pot.

“Stuck” is a memory. Overwhelm is in the past. You’re clear,  focused and totally directed.

To win the “imagine contest”. Answer these three questions specifically and vividly so readers can clearly see that post-pot you…

1) What is your business like- now that you’ve been off that proverbial pot for 30 days already?

2) What’s your relationship like now that you’re no longer uncertain about what you want?

3) What’s your life like now that you’ve been focused and excited for 30 days?

=> Picture your newly imagined self in the above three situations. Describe your imagined self in each of those three. (For example, what do you see? Who are you now? What pain have you left behind? What dream are you living or pursuing now?)

I’ll choose one of you as a winner of the “31 Days To Get Off The Pot” ($495 program) on July 15. Will announce here and on my FB page…

=> Contest Rules: To participate (before you post any responses here), you must

1) Review the sales page for the “31 Days To Get Off The Pot” program, since that’s where the info is that might guide you.

2) The sales page will ask you to opt in. YES. (Imagine the nerve!)

Don’t do this if you are not someone DESPERATELY WANTS to get off the pot. If you win, I’ll send the log-in info that that private members area with me, to the email you put in on the sales page for the 31 Days program.

3) Share the results of the 31 Days program if you win this or decide to get it and experience it like the others before you, have.


PS Having helped DOZENS of folks personally, I have unexpectedly found ONE VERY BIG and totally unexpected kink in the perception of every person I’ve had a one on one with, that has unlocked in each person their inner driver, inner director, and inner hero.

I never expected that. All in 31 Days. Yep.

So first, go to the 31 Days Info page…

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Kim Klaver


  • 1) What is your business like- now that you’ve been off that proverbial pot for 30 days already? My business is something that I’m excited about – actually helping people. I wake up before my alarm goes off and I jump out of bed excited about the changes I can make today and the lives I can change.

    2) What’s your relationship like now that you’re no longer uncertain about what you want? All of my relationships are better – family and friends. The long, depressing days that didn’t produce results are a thing of the past. People like spending time with me because I’m taking action and making a difference – everyone else wants that too.

    3) What’s your life like now that you’ve been focused and excited for 30 days? I have a brand new life and a fabulous outlook for the future. Every day is an adventure and produces new results that I never dreamed of. Days of worrying about how to grow my business are long gone – everything seems like it is on autopilot! Even my dogs are happier!

  • Kim,

    My answers:

    1. I’m in motion, taking consistent action in contacting and inviting and sharing the product and opportunity. I have my first four brand partners and another eight customers. Momentum is starting to build.

    2. My wife and I are on the same page and working together to make things happen. It feels really good to be in that kind of harmony knowing that we’re working towards mutual goals and dreams.

    3. I suppose I partially answered this in # 1. I’m focused, taking consistent action. My work is in a rhythm, and I’m moving forward towards the outcomes that I want for me and my family, and it feels really, really good. 🙂

  • Wow. how great it is being “post potter”.

    1). After 22 years of NM I am totally in love again with my business and all the possibilities. I’m proud of the things I have to offer en feel super confident about my abilities to teach and help others.

    2). The best thing for our relationship is, we decided to start working at a new business TOGETHER. The fun is back, the sparkles flow everywhere and we don’t mind the short nights after our long night conversations.

    3). My life has improved dramatically. In a good way 🙂 I feel clear, excited to get up in the morning (and I’m not a morningperson :)) My regained focus is great. My daughter thinks I’m a nicer mom and my co workers admire my energy.

  • My business is now flourishing. I have people referring me and calling me to get my thing. I am on my way
    My relationship firstly with my business is great love and thankfulness. I love being in the right place at the right time. Family and friend relationships are relaxed and comfortable. A good place to be.
    My life now.Ok. Imagine a dolphin in a tank. She is fed, loved and content. But every so often she senses that the world she is meant to be in is out there, waiting for her. If she only has the courage to nudge open the gate. Every so often, she opens the gate and swims out into the ocean- but always comes back to safety. One day, she decides that she can live in her little world and be happy, or swim free and BE who she is created to be. She swims free..
    That is me

  • It’s Saturday morning and I awaken with a GLORIOUS smile on my face, knowing that today…will be a day to remember.

    It is now 30 days after I’ve won Kim Klaver’s “Can You Imagine?” Contest, and the experience has been Overwhelmingly Breathtaking! You see, I used to struggle in my business, not knowing what to do and how to do it…and I also didn’t have a Mentor, but NOW I do. 😉

    My Business has begun to SKYROCKET, and I now have people seeking me out BEGGING me for My Products & Services…when just 30 days ago, I couldn’t even convince Winnie The Pooh to taste some Absolutely FREE Honey! LOL

    Now Pooh won’t stop calling me for his next fix. 🙂

    I have Customers & Clients that I actually ADORE, and they continue to inspire me to do what I do best, which is Pull Out The Passion And Potential Of Others. I love it, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! 😀

    My Relationship with MYSELF is better than ever, because I FINALLY believe in myself enough to KNOW that what I’m doing is not only valuable…but is also an effective use of my time!! My dad and I are the best of friends now, because I am able to show him a way to do business that will eventually leverage with out of a job, and I also have a few family members taking notes as well!

    It’s crazy, because just 30 days ago…when I would talk about My Vision Of The Future, they would silently laugh with their expressions and I could tell that they though I was full of it. Well….WHO’S LAUGHING NOW??? Haha! (This guy right here) 😛

    Last but SURELY not least, My Life Is Absolutely AMAZING!!! Because now that I FINALLY have the Biz in order, I’m one step closer to fulfilling My Life’s Purpose…which is to REVOLUTIONIZE The Video Gaming Industry By Elevation The Consciousness Of The Gaming Community!!!

    And it ALL started 30 days ago, when I won Kim Klaver’s “Can You Imagine?” Contest.

    My Spirit Is Singing, and I am Overflowing With Grateful Enthusiasm for this One In A Lifetime Opportunity that has been presented to me, for me.

    Thank you SO MUCH for reading my story, and sharing your time and consideration with me…Shout Out To The Universe!,

    Omar “Power Moves” Adams 🙂

  • 1) As a Health and Wellness Consultant I have learned to market and promote useful information to my followers. My online funnel is filling with like-minded individuals that share the same beliefs and values. I am working on new on-line content everyday.
    2) I feel comfortable sharing my new on-line business skills with my friends, family and acquaintances. Starting with “my why” and creating relationships has become a more natural process for me. I am clear on what I want people to know about me, thanks to Kim’s 31 Day Get Off the Pot” program. I also listen everyday to my 1-on-1 recording with Kim.
    3) I feel like a 100 pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have been “stuck-in-a-rut” for 19 years trying to find a system that really resonates with me and my goals. I have a “new” reason for getting out of bed every morning.
    Kim’s teachings have inspired me and I look forward to becoming a “Retired Nurse” in the near future!!!!!
    Sent from my iPad

  • 1) My business is flourishing. People are magnetically drawn to me because of the value that I provide without expecting any return. I am generous in sharing knowledge and helping others. People instinctively trust me and trust the information that I give them. I have learned to eliminate dreaded “technobabble” from my conversations and be genuine. I know that I am a person of value because I SAY SO and I act in accordance with that declaration.
    2) My relationship is better than ever because I am a happy, focused person. I am optimistic about the future. I have boundless energy – I realize that spinning my wheels, blaming others and feeling sorry for myself sapped me of life force. My spouse and I are able to make plans for the future that include traveling to the places we have always longed to see because my residual income grows daily.
    3) I am FINALLY living the life that I have always dreamed of. I awake before the alarm clock goes off eager to start my day with energy and enthusiasm. I LOVE what I do and share this feeling with my entire organization. My “work” feels like play because I enjoy it so much. I am changing lives. I am helping the frustrated to live up to the potential that they always felt was within them and to live joyously. I am constantly learning. And I am grateful to those who have generously given of themselves to get me to this point.

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