Carol’s hot button turns off Wendy, and…

iGaggle/NMC member Carol just posted this about two opposite responses she got to her iGaggle/NMC profile here, see also (“With whom would you sign up?”):

“This is the first time I have dramatically seen what Kim refers to as using our own hot button and “calling out who you are looking for”.

“Wendy said (about my profile):
Carol – too negative – focus is on illness and debt. Cringe. I don’t want to think about it.

Paul said (about my profile):
All I had to see was their parents had died of cancer (mine too) and they wanted to make sure it didn’t happen to them (me too) by using nutrition (like me). Also, when they mentioned that they had paid off $30,000 of credit card debt, I knew they were getting results from their business, and not just product lovers or belongers. Because though I’m into health and nutrition, I want to make money too

“These two responses are east and west apart from each other. This was exciting for me to actually see the concept in print.”

How much time are you spending trying to drag your “Wendys”, versus focusing all your energy putting your story out to your “Pauls”?

For each of us and our story and style, there are Wendys and Pauls. Who are you spending your energy on?

Learn to use your hot button to tell your story online and off, so your matches recognize and come to you. Not others. New seminar this Tuesday and Thursday, “Promote yourself with class” here.

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  • This was interesting – unlike all the others who said the profiles by Robin and Ilka were too “wordy”, I found myself reading through everything on their page. I tend not to skim, but to read, so the ones that were short were too short for me and left me wanting.

    To me, this is the beauty of having more than one rep in the different companies. Different styles appeal to different people. I feel like you should be true to yourself and your style and those who appreciate it will like it; those who don’t, won’t. After all, aren’t we leading with our hot button, and doesn’t that include our styles too?

    Having said that, I do think it is important to appeal to the people who are looking online; I just think if we’re trying to fit our round selves in a square hole, we’ll be unhappy, kind of like telling people about the big money one can make in NM when that is not why you got in or why you are staying.

  • This exercise was very helpful for us on NMC and igaggle. But I came away with some mixed feelings. Do I be the real person or just get to the point for the benefit of the viewer? I agree with what Suzanne said, I actually told Erin the same thing today. When I was looking into network marketing pet food I found it very frustrating trying to find out more about the person behind the website. I interviewed 6 people before I finally decided on the best sponsor for me. I had a hard time finding real people. It’s like most people online are just trying to get right to the point and make the sale. This would have been great if that’s what I was looking for. Here’s something interesting I’d like to share, I’ve checked the page views from my website for the past 2 weeks, guess what page has been viewed the most? About Me is viewed more than any other, except for the home page which is where they start. I think we need to be real people behind the computer. I will do this with less of me showing but it will take some time for it to feel right.
    I’m also confused about the shift in our profiles. I thought we were using NMC for a first date, let people get to know us first and use our first date script from Kim’s books.
    I know I get too carried away about pets but would I be a healthy pet nut if I didn’t?

    Thank you all for feedback on the profiles. It was very helpful and I appreciate the time you took on this exercise.


  • As soon as I read Carol’s profile, I said, “That sounds like me.”

    I could relate to her.

    I’m not a health nut – I love frozen Snickers – but I do not want to be sick and disabled when I get older, like what happened to my dad.

    And there are millions of others out there, just like me (and Carol), who want to go out with a bang, not a whimper.

    We simply have to use the reaching out methods that we like the most and find them. An iGaggle profile is just another way to get it done.

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