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Choose the hard you want to get good at

That’s what I told a new rep tonight when he described his visit to the Marine Corps local recruiting center, and they told him how hard the Boot Camp would be.

“Not as a take away, but as a fact,” Archie said. The Marine in charge told him, “Boot Camp will be very hard. Some don’t make it.”

“No problem,” Archie told them, “I’m ready and up for the challenge.
I want this.” And he was and he did.  He’s a full fledged Marine today.

He was ready for the hard of the Marine Corps
Boot Camp.

He never was ready for “the hard of NM,” though.

He “failed” at it (made no money) for some 15 years, 6 companies.
Of course, he doesn’t “practice” NM much these days.

That’s when I told him, “Well, you choose the hard you
want to get good at.”

Suddenly he said, “I DO want to get good at the daily doing
of NM. I want to be awesome at it!”

So we’re doing something new – he is taking a totally different
approach so he does it each day. For example, he will NOT be
leading with the money, even for recruiting. I told him it’s
going to be hard.

He knows. But he’s ready this time. Because he WANTS to get
good at the hard of MLM.

We choose the hard we want to get good at.

Is NM one of those things for you?

Is the mastery of the hard of the daily doing of NM –
something which most people find so difficult they
quit – something you really want?

If it were so easy and simple, 95% of the folks wouldn’t quit.

What’s the hard of MLM for you?

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