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Your company does not “make” you…

Your company does not “make” you.

YOU make your company.

I have believed that and taught it since my first network marketing
company in 1988 – the water filtration company (now Juice Plus).

Way too many distributors identify who they are by telling others
they are a member of X company. Like so:

“What do you do?”

“Oh, I’m an X COMPANY rep!”

Do not do this. Instead, consider this:

“What do you do?”

“Oh! I’ve always believed thus and so, and so, I market this product
for people who have X problem like I did, and want to solve it in this
(your secret sauce) way too…” (See Orange book)

First company I EVER did, I used that, and people never even know
WHAT the name of the company was before they actually signed up with a
PAPER form and three carbon copies (ready with credit card in hand
for the $5,000 purchase…

Often then-experienced MLMers would go, “Oh it’s NSA??”

I wanted them to connect with ME first.
They did and that is why they stayed.

(See orange book script)

Another super advantage: if you leave for another company (or yours goes down),
you are still that person who believes thus and so, and are now
representing THIS company or THAT product or – you might have
developed your own (!)

Like a TV news anchor who moves from one network to another. OR
an actor who’s represented by some other agency. She is
STILL that “news anchor” and he is STILL the actor.


Remember that. They all need YOU. So make yourself into something
grand so you shine and you can help make THEM shine as well.

PS I was super happy to hear Suze Orman say exactly that today as well…

You make the school. The school does not make you. It helps, but if nothing but
dumbbells came to Harvard, no one would want to say they had gone there.

Would they?



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