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OK OK I was wrong…

Kim Belief Video Image 100Customers...I don’t follow up. Have never done that in 25-some years of network marketing.

But that’s changed this month…and you might be surprised by the reason…

Back in the day, follow-up meant calling people – on the phone. I’d learned early on that “maybe’s” were mostly someone’s weak way of saying no, and it was obvious that follow-up calls were perceived by all concerned as nagging.

Or worse, begging.

Since I’ve never been a good beggar, I stopped the moment that feeling popped up. I developed “Good-bye first” messages and left them with everyone. Soon I made them part of the initial phone presentation…

So these last two decades, I never followed-up. And I got to the top of five network marketing companies anyway. A happier soul for not nagging or begging along the way.

But then something happened in my online world.

I’m an active surfer of programs I’m interested in learning about, especially how to become a more effective marketer…

Like many of you, I don’t usually have time to investigate in depth
most of what I see, but I take notes to help me remember to go back…

One day I started noticing these little reminder ads. No matter what web page I was on, I see a little ad for something I’d clicked on, or read, but had not yet reviewed or bought. I’d usually click to go back…since it had not left my mind…

These friendly ‘reminder ads’ appeared more often, and I liked that a lot. Each one felt like little reminder.

Like this (top ad is from Perfect Audience)!  Drudge Retarget ad...
Or this (top ad from Avaya)…Retargeting ad Avaya

Both of those ads at the top of these high traffic and unrelated pages (Drudge and Reuters) were placed there only for me…because I had visited those sites. So they popped up on other pages I was surfing today…

 I asked about how I could do that, and someone said, “Oh, that’s ‘retargeting!”


So of course I bought three courses on retargeting, and spent hours on
Facebook and sites like Perfect Audience to learn how to do that.

I figured if I liked little reminders of stuff I was interested in, others might too.

And that’s how I changed my mind about follow-up: retargeting.

No nagging or begging required. Friendly ad-reminders instead.

Do you want to learn how to do this with your business?

If you want to learn to do with me as your guide, here are two options…

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3. Search online for Learn Retargeting and you’ll find plenty!

That’s my epiphany for today!

PS Want to contact me?  email me here.

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