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How To Advertise Your Product or Opp On Facebook

How to advertise your product or opp on Facebook…

Best way: Do not.

Instead, use what some call “Bridge Marketing.”

=> Say you offer a alternative weight loss opportunity.

Instead of pitching that (which isn’t allowed anyway), do this:

1) “Three strange ways to lose weight without surgery or drugs…”

(MANY options here)

2) Have that link go to your blog (NOT your replicated company site), where you describe these methods.

3) Google them, use sources OTHER than your company literature or links.

At the end of your informative piece, you can post a PS about your product or opportunity.

This does three things:

1) You can get your ad or post likely approved
2) You are NOT sending them to an immediate email capture page…you’re giving some content first. To satisfy that need for instant gratification.
3) You’ve demonstrated you know something MORE than just pitching your opportunity.

PS If anyone here has any plans to advertise on Facebook, there’s a really terrific program that will help you do it as I just described. 

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