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I know who doesn’t buy…

I know who doesn’t buy…

Three stories…

1) 25 years ago, we were marketing a kind of “fruits and veggies” in capsules. Archie was listening

– Archie’s first question: “What’s in them?”

Bingo. Archie will not buy. Not now, probably not ever.

How do I know?

Archie is lonely and wants attention. He’s a talker. He likes to demonstrate how he’s a “science of it” sort of guy.

The Archies ask such questions first. And then of course they criticize. And they don’t buy. No matter what is in your product or what ingredient list you show them…they don’t ever buy.

2) Today, my friend who’s writing a very unique eating book, talked in a group about “degrees of goodness of foods” (good for health energy, etc.).

– Jack’s first question: What studies is that based on?

Jack will not buy her book. He will not change his eating habits. He’s a talker who enjoys shooting the bull.

3) One week ago, Minnie asked me about how to get more customers (and recruits) and really make some money in her business.

I told her about my Celebrity Marketer program.

– Minnie’s first question: “How much is it?”

I knew right then. Minnie will not buy. Wrong first question.

Bottom line…

1) With extremely rare exceptions, if the first question about a health product is not: “Does it work?” they will not buy. If it doesn’t work, WHO CARES WHAT IS IN IT?

And if it DOES work, THEN you might ask, “What’s in it?” Especially if it’s a drug with possible side effects.

Archie asked the wrong question as his first question, and for hundreds of Archies I’ve met since, the outcome is all the same. Archies do not buy. Ever.
(But they can be disruptive in a group and just a general pain in the rear.)

2) For Jack, he didn’t care about whether knowing and living by “degrees of goodness of foods” worked or not. But what the studies were. Wrong order of questions.

People really interested ask first: “Wow, does that work?” Or, “How does that work?”

Then, PERHAPS, are there any supporting studies, or authors, etc. But a better FU question, assuming the speaker was trusted in this area, “How can I try that?”

3) Now Minnie. How do I know instantly she won’t buy my new CM (Celebrity Marketer) program?

Because her first question shows me that she thinks of learning how to market as just another expense. An expense that she has to sustain along with the other stuff on her already stretched checkbook. With NO EXTRA money coming in.

That’s the problem. Minnie doesn’t expect she can or will DO anything with the marketing program, and so it’s just another expense.

The order of the questions tells me everything – and has for 30 years. It’s the same in real estate. Exact same thing.

Here’s who buys: Someone who asks a different question FIRST (assuming they trust the seller). A question like this:

“OK great! How, with this new tool, can I make twice the money back in the first 60-90 days? (Or whatever time frame matters to the person.)”

That’s who’s likely to buy. And isn’t THAT is exactly who you WANT to have buy your marketing program? Someone who asks how they can USE it to grow their business?

Bonus: They’ll likely follow instructions and have some success.

PS Beware of your first reactions to marketing programs or new products. It tells others where your head’s at. And probably your money, too. 🙂

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