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Network Marketing – Doing A Facebook Ads

Running a Facebook Ad today…

So far, 9 good leads and 1 buyer. And no cost for that to me.

Here’s how it’s going down as of right nowNetwork Marketing - Doing A Facebook Ads

  1. Spent about $25 so far on this ad today…
  2. Took in $27 from a purchase from that ad today (about an hour ago)
  3. Got 9 leads and 1 buyer – and they had to listen to an audio first.

So, so far, I have gotten 9 good leads who seem to want to know about how I can help them, at no “cost” to me. Because there was also 1 buyer who covered the ad cost so far.

I laid out the ad money yes, and have gotten even on the same day. Plus 9 good leads I can market to and give helpful tips to…

Once you learn how to call out and build your audience, you won’t need to spend all your time learning. You can start earning instead.

Took me a year of part time testing to skill up and learn to do this.

You ready to skill up and level up?

I have a little Facebook Explainer workshop that introduces the basics of this, if you’d like a link ask in comments and I’ll pop it in. It’s $27.

PS Here are the secrets I’ve used to run ads that get sales on Facebook…There’s a little Reese’s Pieces trick to it, and here it is

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