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Network Marketing – Beyond your warm market…

Network MarketingYou’ve gone through them all. A few have bought. But now, nobody wants to hear about your product or business anymore.

Nobody new comes to your parties or meets. Just other reps who do their best not to act discouraged.

You see your business – and the dream – fizzling out.

Now what?

Who can you talk to? Where are they? And how can you help your downline find their people to talk to?

Here’s how

  • If you want a business that gives you at least $5,000/mo in the next 12 months, you must learn to do one thing – first:
  • Build your audience.

Yup. Your warm market and theirs were your first audience. Now they’re no longer interested…

So here’s what you want next that will give you a real business

  1.  A new audience. And
  2.  A sure fire way to keep this audience loving you and…
  3.  A way to ensure it never stops growing.

A totally new group of people who want to follow you because you help them or entertain them in some part of their life that matters to them. Like their skin. Or their energy. Or Weight. Or oils. Or relaxation. Or healthful eating.


Bands build their audience. Churches build their audience. Leaders in network marketing build their audience. Eric Worre for example, built up his Network Marketing Pro audience of followers and likes to nearly one million

Over five years of ALMOST DAILY short videos online. As of this post, he’s created 1,297+ videos and continues doing it each week.

He started with 7 likes. Now it’s a big audience. And he’s earned it all and continues right on..

  •  That’s what you get to do. Build. Your. Audience.

By earning it. Then keeping it. Then letting some of buy your products and programs.

That’s what you can do with YOUR audience. Win win.

You can learn to build yours online or offline.


It is not fast. Not overnight. But in 12 months, you could have perhaps 1,000 – 10,000 followers who are genuinely interested in your guidance in the area you’ve chosen to become an authority in.

How does that sound?

PS Not for you if you’re looking for a hundred bucks/mo or just your product free.

PS One program that’s helped hundreds find their audience is Authority Marketer,

Check it out here….

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