62 (free) Leads From Paid Facebook Ads Today & Five New Buyers.

Facebook Thumbs Up62 (free) Leads from paid Facebook ads today, and five new buyers.

How, you say, can you get “free” paid ads on Facebook?

1) Spent $105 on ads on FB today.
2) Got FIVE sales today totaling $220 from THOSE ads. Same day.
3) Got 62 leads who did not buy (yet).

Bottom line:

1. Earned more than I spent on Facebook ads today. (But my goal was just to break even…because I’ve got back-end products costing much more and that’s where most of my income is earned…from some of the folks on my list who buy the bigger programs.

2. Got 62 new good leads on my list, to boot.

And since I earned a bit more than I spent on FB ads today – my extra leads who did not buy today are basically free to me.  The buyers paid for them.

And I’ll have a chance to offer them more tips, and make other bigger offers, and some will buy.

Good day’s work, thanks, Facebook.

PS Just bought another Facebook How To course and will be testing another method in the next few days.

PPS I’ve been learning a lot and now, three days later, I’ve almost doubled those numbers.

PPPS I’m teaching some special strategies I’ve used successfully to my customers who own the Authority Marketer Program. There’s a Secret Facebook Group set up for us and we have a bunch of folks already in there!  Starts Jan 15.  We’ll do a live call Friday 2pm PT 5pm ET to kick things off!

If you want in, you can get a special link to Authority Marketer here, and put in this discount code to save $100: iauthority

Extra bonus: Orders for Authority Marketer before Jan 15 get “Email Marketing 101” – $97 – as a bonus.  Ready for that?

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