Confession of an unevolved male and a successful evolved one…

Some people have a harder time than others coming around to realizing that we need to change our approach and our language. Today, I have a live audio clip from a male who takes offense to a notion of an evolved males. Next time, it might be a woman who feels that way.

In our industry, it is men who have been in charge until now, who have had things their way, and a few of them now realize that big change is upon us – in the way we relate to the new and sophisticated market place. I call them evolved males.

Some are up to it – and others not. Not yet, anyway.

Confession of an upset unevolved male to the idea of using the term “evolved males” – left on my phone service today, 7.8.05

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Here’s a confession of an evolved male on the same subject – that men and women are different and require different approach and language – from the 7.7.05 Nylon Woman Society Call. Joe Hadachek is one of the top 3 producers in his 13 year old company – with tens of thousands in his downline.

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If evolving is perceived as an insult to the status quo, so be it. Those who evolve will survive. Those who don’t, won’t.

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  • Sorry to hear such negative vibrations from anyone, male or female. Amazing that one can take such a positive thing and allow that nasty ego to cloud their vision. Let’s just bless this guy and pray for his downline

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