Confession of a newly evolved alpha male who’s one of the 3 top producers in his company…

Here’s a live audio clip – about 10 minutes – from the July 6 Nylon Woman Society call for women and evolved males in direct sales and network marketing.

Our guest was Joe Hadachek, one of the 4 biggest earners in his company. Most definitely an evolved male. He had just come off of the Customer Acquisition class with a group of his people, and was describing how the new information had impacted him and those in his group who took the class with him…his goal right now is to MAINTAIN his empire and learn to grow it in today’s environment of much more skeptical and sophisticated people than 7 years ago.

Here’s live from the first few minutes of the class…

this is an audio post - live from the Nylon Woman Society call July, 2005 - click to play

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