Contest: What would they Google to find you?

Aunt Lulu is using the Internet to search for that natural achy knee remedy. She’s patient hunting through the options, because she wants what she wants.

And new grandmom Jennifer – well she’s using Yahoo right now to find a business she can run from home.

“The result of Google and the prevalence of search means that people are far more forgiving of things that need to be sought out, and less patient than ever with selfish marketers that insist on showing up in your face.” Seth Godin

The trick then, is to be able to be found on Google when the millions of seekers are looking for someone like you. According to there is no point in having a website if your clients can’t find it.

So here’s the contest:

Two questions. First one’s easy. Second, well…

1. What are the last 3 search terms or phrases that you’ve entered into Google (or Yahoo, etc.) to get help for your NM business? What happened?

2. What words could a stranger enter into Google/Yahoo, etc, who’s looking for a) someone like you to get into business with, or who’s looking for b) your kind of product, so that they find you?

First place winner: One year membership on Network Marketing Central (NMC)/ iGaggle Network.
Second: 6 months membership.
Third: 3 months membership.

I’ll run this contest at least one week, so you have time to ponder your responses before submitting them, and so we give the most people time to play. Not as easy as it looks. For ad copy ideas that are specific enough to help, check the Ad Copy Winners post here and suggested tools to help.

P.S. Please do not suggest they type in your name or your company name, and put that info in your post. Who will know that when they’re beginning their search? This is a real situation search question – when the Lulus and grandmom Jennifers do NOT know who you are, but when they’re looking for a business or business partner where you happen to be the perfect match, only no one knows anyone’s name. That is the nature of most search. OK?

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  • Well… since I work in French, the words I could give you wont really mean anything 😉

    But the best way to find out is to use the Overture Suggestion tool!

    In it, you can type a general keyword like “business” and see what people are looking for.

    1501048 business
    344882 small business
    343521 business web hosting
    298529 business school
    228476 business opportunity
    214349 business card
    207865 home business

    Then, you can click on one of the word to see more specificly what people are looking for.

    228476 business opportunity
    70220 home business opportunity
    43042 home based business opportunity
    25395 small business opportunity
    8967 internet business opportunity
    7838 work at home business opportunity

    Also, which I think is pretty important, is to also look for keywords related to your PRODUCTS, not just to the business opportunity. Because some people are looking for both the product and a business opportunity, but they might be typing different keywords to find the product.

    My 2 cents!

  • 1. What are the last 3 search terms or phrases that you’ve entered into Google (or Yahoo, etc.) to get help for your NM business? What happened?

    First one I entered into Google

    “network marketing coach”,

    the first web page title and description looks relevant, so I click to the web page.
    I don’t know this person and don’t know if I can trust him to fulfill his promise.

    The 2nd web page that came up on google is so hyped up, I leave immediately.

    The 3rd web page, the owner wants me to join her network marketing business, and that’s not what I’m looking for.

    The next few web pages I look at, are not what I want, and some are not coaches at all.

    So 2nd one – I search for “network marketing coaching”

    That brings me similar sites to the other search, although there is one web page that I am attracted to.
    I’m a little biased because I know some of these web sites/communities.

    My 3rd search is “MLM coaching”

    This gives me some titles, descriptions and links to some sites, where The descriptions sound too hyped up for my liking.
    The word “MLM” seems to carry more hype with it, than the word “network marketing”

    Strange how one website owner says “no hype coaching” in her description, yet on another listing of one of her web pages,
    the description is full of hype.

    The web pages coming up on the 1st page of google have been on the internet for a long time, and are not necessarily the best resource.
    The website owners know how to get their sites high on search engines, and it doesn’t mean they are good coaches,
    and can assist others in network marketing.

    I’m a little skeptical because I know some of the people who own these websites:-)
    And, I know that some of them have spent years working on getting their web pages with certain keywords on the first page of google.
    And, their web pages are not relevant to those keywords at all.

    2. What words could a stranger enter into Google/Yahoo, etc, who’s looking for a) someone like you to get into business with,
    or who’s looking for b) your kind of product, so that they find you?

    A stranger looking for someone like me to get into business with, might enter these words:

    home based business opportunity health

    start home based business

    network marketing opportunity

    start a home business health products

    start a home business marketing health products

    home business earn residual income

    This is a terrific exercise Kim!! It’s causing me to “get into the same way of thinking that internet searchers are thinking”.

    I have a lot of websites, and some have been on the net for 4 years,
    yet none of the above words found my sites.

    This key phrase found me:

    “home business scuba diving”

    does that mean I should be seeking out scuba divers who want a home business?

    For b) my kind of product, they could search for:

    nutritional products mangosteen vitamins

    and, they would find me on Google for the above search term, on 1st page twice.

    Thanks Kim, I learnt a lot from this exercise.

  • 1. The last three phrases I googled to get help for my NM business were:

    – WordPress tutorial (to help me with my blog)

    – Free quiz creator
    – Free test creator (so I can put a multiple choice quiz on my site)

    2. Someone who does not know me could google the following phrases and find me. (These are actual phrases that were searched recently and resulted in visits to my site. I use a free online program at to track where all of my visitors come from.)

    – Network marketing mentor (My blog is on page 2)

    – how do I find the rules for a network marketing company (blog is on page 2)

    – home based business opportunity for stay at home mom (I didn’t find my site in the first 5 pages of results, but my stat counter tells me someone found my site by googling that phrase)


  • Dear Kim,

    In these lines I am going to detail you what happened with my google search regarding your first question: What are the last three search terms or phrases that you have entered into google or another search engine to get help for your NMBusiness?

    First, I introduce into google this phrase: network marketing trainers (I just used the simple search not the advance search)

    It came up with this: Results 1 – 10 of about 1,960,000 for network marketing trainers. (0.37 seconds) and in the third place of that page was your post

    New School Network Marketing by Kim Klaver
    Suggested resources to help your new reps learn to do network marketing (from Kim … I will start including the work of other teachers and trainers. … – 196k – 24 Jul 2007 – Cached – Similar pages

    The other ones were loaded with hype, I just check 10 of those.

    The other search I did in google was: mlm trainers and it arose in simple search this: Results 31 – 40 of about 501,000 for mlm trainers. (0.17 seconds) I could not find any web page related to our New School but I did find our friend Tim Sales and some articles he has written and a link to his

    Tim Sales – MLM Network Marketing Training Tools for MLM Success
    Tim’s successful experience and knowledge make him one of the most sought after MLM trainers in the industry. He’s delivered well over 10000 presentations … – 39k – Cached – Similar pages

    That is what I found. I will check later and let you know. In another comments I will write about the second question, let me think first because it’s not easy, I’m still working with the ads.

    Have a nice day. I hope and trust you are better.

    Your friend,


  • Kim could you clarify this a bit for me. Do we need to do searches to see if we show up or is it like using keywords that describe us?

    I haven’t had an online presence too long so I doubt there will be a lot about me out there. I also don’t do any paid online ads like sponsor ads so I know I won’t come up on page one.

    I do know what people could search for that would describe me and my product, is this what we’re aiming at now?


  • Robin:

    Two exercises:

    1. What are the last three searches you made on Google? You can see some people did some searches so they could report what happened.

    2. What kinds of words/phrases would someone have to put in there, to find you? The idea here is to get some practice putting yourself in the shoes and mind of someone SEARCHING for what you have, or who you are, not in the shoes of the seller. No one searching for something thinks or talks like a seller, but as a user.

    So what kinds of words and phrases might eventually lead them to you?

    You have an NMC profile, and you can use those key phrases also…We will be linking to Google here with those keyphrases and super categories…Hehehe.

  • I actually did some searches on Google today..

    1. What are the last three searches you made on Google?

    I tried “self development” and found Devlyn Steele on page 2 and Randy Gage on page 3

    Typed in “network marketing blogs” and found your blog, Kim, in #4 position.

    Typed in “book clubs” which brought up Literary Guild and Doubleday, two book clubs I belonged to when I first came to the States. Also found Oprah’s book club on the first page.

    2. What kinds of words/phrases would someone have to put in there, to find you?

    I am currently working on my own website to be able to control my own keywords, because the replicated site we get from the company doesn’t give us access to the meta tags in order to insert keywords.

    I do have a couple of “Lead Capture Pages” out there which have keywords on them. But they are new and probably not indexed yet as it takes a while to get indexed at Google and Yahoo.

    The keywords I will have on my new website are:

    For business: start your own home based book business, book mlm, book club, innovative book club, creating wealth, financial training,

    For Products: discount books, bestselling books, free audio books, free ebooks, bestselling audio books,

    None of these keywords brought up my squeeze pages yet, but I hope they will in the future. The only one that came up was my blog when I googled “passion for books”. It came up on the first page in Google in 11th position ;o)

    This is definately not easy, Kim. Thanks for the challenge!

    Have a nice day!

    Ilka ;o)

  • I searched for three phrases we often see here.

    Achy Knees – no MLM products on first two pages

    No energy – no MLM products on first two pages

    Business Mum and Business Mom – no MLM business on first two pages.

    What I did see was a lot of ads and links for “Your own business”.

    If I was looking, I would not use the phrase “your own business”.

    I would look for “my own business”.

    So my entries are:

    My own business
    My business at home
    My business (as a )Mum/Mom

  • This was fun as well as very educational. Thank you Kim for making us think.

    1. I am ashamed to say but I had never looked up any help for my business on Google. I usually find recipes on Google. Any way I thought I would try.

    I started with Marketing for dummies – it is a book (which I didn’t know). Come to find out there is also a book called Selling for dummies.
    I then switched tactics and looked up “help in network marketing business’. There were over 211,000,000 sites to view. I looked at several “,, and The last one looked interesting since I am a women in network marketing but the home page was full of what I call ‘Do you want to ads?’ It was links to others pages or sites where I could buy things. I got off that site since it didn’t seem to offer any real help. Lastly I looked up ‘help in multi level marketing business. The first two sites on this were government warnings. There was a book on another site called “Success in Multi Level Marketing” by Gini Graham Scott. It looked like a good book and it only was a penny. How could you go wrong? I didn’t get it, not yet.

    2. This is the part of the exercise that was educational. I had never tried to find my own site. After doing this little ditty, I am going to have to work on my site a bit to create more traffic. I started by typing in ‘tips for mom business’-I wasn’t there. I added ‘home’ still nothing. I changed tips to reasons- nothing. Added the word ‘good’-nothing.
    By now I have ‘good reasons for mom home business’. I added the words busy and health and low and behold I was there at three. Now who in their right mind is going to type in all that? So I started to take words away. I took out good and was number eight. I took out health and was gone again.
    Just for fun I typed in perfect instead of good since my site has the word ‘perfect’ in it. I still was nowhere to be seen.

    Thanks Kim for taking us to think from the other side.

    Nancy Carlson

  • Okay Kim here’s my exercise submitted. It was fun to switch to a consumer and use words and phrases people looking for my product or business might type in. I did learn a lot and will use this info to adjust the keywords I have for my web site. Sorry if it’s too long – I did shorten it up from the first draft.

    What are the last 3 search terms or phrases that you’ve entered into Google (or Yahoo, etc.) to get help for your NM business? What happened?

    Search 1. Network marketing ideas
    Pages of people wanting to recruit anyone in their company.
    Clicked on 3rd listed and actually found it interesting. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking but marked it as favorite and saved a file titled “How to design attractive flyers with Microsoft Word.”

    Search 2. Network Marketing for women
    Again a lot of business recruiting but found more useful info than the general term “Ideas”
    Clicked on a few sites and saved a few to go back to later.

    3. Network marketing cold market
    Page two, Kim’s blog. I went through 3 pages and nothing really grabbed me except Kim’s blog which I’ve already seen. I did see Tim Sales, and several Meet Up Groups listed.

    What words could a stranger enter into Google/Yahoo, etc, who’s looking for a) someone like you to get into business with, or who’s looking for b) your kind of product, so that they find you?

    The first eight searches found my NMC profile – Kim’s blog – my website – my squidoo page my ezinearticles and organic products articles, most times on page one.

    *Network marketing pet products
    *network marketing dog products Minnesota
    *minnesota network marketer for pet products
    *network marketing dog food
    *network marketing cat food
    *Healthy Pet Nut
    *Health conscious dog lovers
    *Extra income for pet professionals Minnesota
    Work from home with pets
    Pet lovers work at home business
    Home business for dog lovers
    animal lover looking to work from home
    work from home related to pets
    pet related work from home business
    work from home ideas for pet lovers in minnesota

    dog supplements for inflammation
    Pet supplements for weak immune systems
    Glucosamine, Chondroitin in dog food
    Human quality USA ingredients in pet food
    Dog food for picky eater
    Dog food help for anorexic dog
    Dog food help dog joint pain
    Dog food to help arthritis pain
    dog food for weak immune systems
    dog food for sensitive stomachs
    Cat food for FUS
    cat food for hairballs
    benefit of healthy pet food
    hypoallergenic dog food
    Senior Dog Food for hip dysplasia
    Dog food with flax seed
    Wheat free dog food
    millet grain in dog food
    Bad doggy breath
    Thunderstorm stress relief dogs
    Herbal pet supplements
    Heal hot spots on dogs
    rimadyl alternatives
    Dog toothpaste
    Dog toothbrush
    Ph balanced dog shampoo
    healthy pets
    healthy pet food
    Healthy dog food
    Healthy pet supplements
    Dog antioxidant
    Pet food delivered
    high end pet foods
    alternative pet foods
    Premium natural pet food
    All-natural dog food
    Super premium pet food
    Pet food recall
    Safe healthy pet food
    holistic pet
    alternative pet care
    Healthy pet alternatives
    Natural Pet Products
    Sheltie Lovers in Minnesota

  • Kim – I’m surprised at the response to this post, or lack of.
    Why isn’t anyone posting for the google search contest? I hoped to learn something from reading what others have done. Is that being self-centered? I hope not. I posted mine to try to help since it looked like the comments were too general to really find anyone.

    Is it really that hard to get into the mindset of a customer? I just thought of what I would and have searched for recently and used those type of words.

    Come on everyone this is a contest but more than that it’s a great tool to learn how to use keywords better so people will find you. I found using the keywords shown to have the most hits is great if you want lookers but when you want someone searching for your product for healthy coffee or wanting a home business marketing books you need to have words they will be entering. It’s not that hard to shift back to a customer mode for this exercise.

    Hope to read lots of great new comments.

  • Hi Kim,
    I have been out of town for two weeks so maybe I am too late for this one but I will try.

    for network marketing help I put in:
    network marketing training, there were 148,000,000 results

    the top of the page came up with article on Randy Gage in

    mostly hype sites on the top of the page. Tim Sales was down about the middle of the page.

    kim was about 3/4 down the first page

    Then I tried: direct sales training

    came up with mostly hype sites although Michael Oliver’s site:
    came up on the lower part of the first page.

    then I tried: Green Business
    and of course there are NO network marketing companies here. My interest is in green business so I look there a lot.

    For my google search terms for someone to find me:

    1. miessence; this is very specific to my product, my site comes up number 8 on the front page search:

    2. organic skin care; my site does not show up on the first page and I did not look beyond that

    3. earth friendly products; my site does not show up on the first page

    Earth Friendly products

  • Hello,

    In french it's the same approch.

    We must to optimize our lading page for the search engines.

    Here the thing to check:

    1- The title of your webpage
    2- The description and keywords meta tag
    3- The keyword density
    4- Your url
    5- the backlink to your page

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