Will they find you on Google?

For anyone with an online presence, the #1 goal is to be found by the people looking for you or your product. This is much harder than it sounds.

Two ways: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Ads.

In the contest I have running here, the exercise is to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer who might be looking for someone like you. Say aunt Lulu, who does not know your name, or your product name, but she’s looking for a business from home.

What does she have to enter into Google and have some hope of finding YOU?

People spend tens of thousands of dollars, literally, on SEO work based on this helpful site – companies that promise to help your site show up higher on those search results. After all, who wants to be on page 34 of 200,000 results when most of us just scan the first page or two or results they see? You should Check This Out, if you need marketing experts online!

Here’s another way to be found: Ad words. You can write up some of those Google ads like you see everywhere. Then perhaps someone will find you.

These are not cheap. The keyword “network marketing” costs about $1.50/click. Exercise:

What kind of Google ads would you write up so that you might be found? Remember searchers don’t know your name or product name anymore than you know those things when YOU are searching for stuff online.

Hint: Do a search for the words/phrases you’re considering. As if you were looking for yourself. See who/what comes up and if you’d use those services.

Report your experience…we’re all waiting to hear.

Learn to write a key person ad like I did for $37. Use New School principles. Not $97. It’s $37 here for the 3-CD set. Check it out first so you see what you get. MP3s here ($25)

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  • Kim, I have a question. This exercise here that you just explained in this post, is it part of the contest detailed in the previous post?

    In other words, if we write an ad so that we might be found on a Google search, etc., will we be submitting an entry for your contest?

    Thanks for clarifying! Karen

  • This exercise is meant to help you prepare for the contest. These are not contest entries, though, because they’re words you are using as a SELLER.

    The contest focuses on words a BUYER might enter to find you or your product.


  • Dear Kim,

    If I were to run google ads I would post one for my business that reads like this:

    Personal Trainer Wanted
    National marketing company that is expanding in Caracas is looking for a key personal trainer, someone who is used to prepare athletes to help us grow our clientele. Written and verbal skills would be required to recruit and train the new sales team. Marketing experience and entrepreneur mind would be a big plus. Click here to find more.

    And for my product:

    I’m able to train harder. Finally
    Just for the right person.
    Products for people who likes exercising and staying in shape but they find themselves gaining extra weight over the years, like I did.

    Those are the google or orange ads that I think I would run, of course, I did it with the help of your trainings. What do you think? Or anybody?

    These exercises are getting very interesting. I am able to do it with more ease now.

    With admiration for you,


  • Note: with Google, there are big limits on what can be said. Not just in terms of ‘acceptable’… but also line length.

    Simply: You get…
    A headline (max 25 characters).
    2 description lines (max 35 characters) each.
    A display URL (max 35 characters).

    And, sometimes only the headline is displayed.

    Blatant ‘shameless hussy’ self promo: ‘another public information service from ‘The Magazine for Network Marketers’. 😉

  • Kim the timing of this post is perfect for me. When I got my own website I received free ads from Yahoo and Google so I’ve been testing some ads.
    Here’s my Yahoo ad:

    USA Human Grade Ingredients in Pet Food
    This food is for pet lovers who know the benefit of premium pet food
    My goal is to reach people really concerned about pet food and who have done some homework on why it’s important to feed a healthy food. Most of the ads I see start with the brand name, some kind of deal on price or just states junk like “The best food for your pet” or my favorite “Compare your pet’s food to X company – we’re the best for everything.” Talk about hype.

    gulliver aka g -is exactly right about the google ads. You have to catch someones attention in very few words. I also went a different path. Here’s that one:

    Natural Dog and Cat Food
    Healthy pet food isn’t a fad.
    It’s for health of pets we love.

    I don’t know if these ads will bring the kind of person I’m looking for or just clicks to see my site. It was free so it really is a good way for me to test.

  • Kim it’s Robin again.
    Something else I did to target people was to only have my google ad to show in Minnesota.

    I changed that ad to this:
    Is Your Dog A Picky Eater
    My dogs love this fish and chips
    dog food – I love that it’s healthy

    I think I’m finished posting on this topic.

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