Crazy thing I did to get my first customers

Tuesday is customer day.

Our ‘crazy thing’ gal now has 7,239 customers, after 36 months, one marketing course, and a big dose of personal chutzpah.

Here’s what she wrote in about that day 3 years ago…

” I was at the airport waiting to board my flight to New York City. My gate was in front of food vender ‘Annie’s Pretzels’ The smell of the pretzels was making me hungry until I looked up and saw people standing in line that looked like I used to.

Morbidly Obese.

My focus changed almost instantaneously as I watched three obese women order massive amounts of food. Of course, when I was their size that was not a massive amount of food.

I thought to myself what if someone saw me when I was that obese and came up to me and…

I hesitantly got up out of my chair, I walked over to each one of them and said, “please don’t take this the wrong way, but this photo is me years ago – please just read this, and if you think this program could work for you the way it worked for me, I would happy to assist you…”

I then walked speedily away and sat back down in my seat. When we landed, I turned on my cell phone one and had two messages… two of the three women left a message inquiring about my product and thanked me. I got two new customers. And I think I may have saved two lives.”

Here’s Mary Jane. Today and before.

Hear her story live here (Episodes 1,2, and 18 & 19.)

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  • This story reminded me of advice you had given me about following your passion, and telling your story. I need to tell you this…I was tired of the companies I was with, still loved their products, but the passion was gone. I wanted something new… I asked you how to find out if a company was good, etc. and you gave me the advice to follow my heart and go for what would work best for me. Just to let you know i took your advice and as a humorous illustrator / creative writer, I did a search for art related network marketing companies, nothing… finally thru one of the reps in the companies I work with, I was introduced to Send Out Cards, not only is it a product I have had a passion for, for years, but I can actually do my own designs and put them into the system to sell to others to use…a double blessing. I am so happy, thank you for the wonderful advice…. Debi

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